324% Sales Increase

With $0.23 Cent Average Ad Cost Per Click (Per Appointment)

King & Co Barber Studio is a Greater Metropolitan Calgary-based hair studio offering premium men’s grooming.

Since buying the company, Ace identified online marketing as a critical sales channel. (Especially during this pandemic where people are stuck at home, but still in need of haircuts unless they want to look like cavemen!) However, attracting customers, and managing advertisements proved to be an ongoing challenge for Ace.

After experiencing a few slow days, King & Co approached The Block Bard with the following objectives:


1. Dramatically reducing cost-per-lead to a profitable level.

2. Increasing volume of qualified leads because women don’t use barbers.

3. Assisting with the online launch of new opening/ownership.

4. Implementing and testing new ideas and optimizing them weekly for performance progress.

How the objectives were hit

1. Rebuilt and re-organized existing brand copywriting in order to build trust, loyalty, and sharply sharply reduce cost per conversion.

2. Created target audience that still made each member feel as if they were an individual.

3. Provided One-Liner/Slogan, Company description/message, and different forms of trial and error Ad-Copy.

4. Set up Facebook Ad split tests in order to steadily improve conversion rates.

Key Results

  • Lead and sales volume increases by 300%+.
  • Cost per click dropped from $0.76 cents, (our original; client didn’t have an ad running) to $0.23 cents. That means 86 Link Clicks per $20 Ad Spend!
  • Profitability and growth improve dramatically in line with goals and projections.
  • Complete management of Facebook, Instagram, and Google aligned in one, so King & Co can focus on doing what they do best. Givin’ Top-Notch service!

“I had met Mac from The Block Bard previously and found him not only to be authoritative in copywriting and marketing, but also able to explain the issues in simple terms I could comprehend.

What are the results? Leads and sales have increased by over 300%, while our cost per click has dropped to $0.23 cents, returning us to profitability and growth.”


King & Co Barber Studio

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