5 Simple Tips to Get Great Client Referrals

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One of the most powerful ways to gain new clients and customers is word of mouth. Because it’s free!

Also, getting referrals is the most cost-effective way to get your services and brand out there but why does it feel so uncomfortable asking current customers to give one? 

In this blog post, we’ll be sharing some ways to ask your clients for a referral without the awkward feeling. 

1. Target some of the best clients

Instead of asking your entire clientele, ask the ones you already have a strong relationship with and ones you’ve provided value to. They already trust you and the services that are offered, so this type of client will be more likely to refer a new business to yours. Remember to check in with these clients periodically to keep up the relationship. You want to ensure that they feel taken care of.  

2. Be specific with your ask

Once you’ve ensured your customers are pleased with their experiences, ask them specifically if they know anyone looking for what you offer. They should be happy to refer you to their friends and network. 

“Do you have anyone in your circle looking for help with copywriting?” 

You should get straight to the point and be confident in what you are asking! You have current clients for a reason!

3. Provide incentives 

Create a referral program for your clients. Incentives could include coffee, gift cards, a discount on their services, free merchandise, or anything else you think your clients would be interested in. Send your program initiative to some of your happiest clients and watch the referrals roll in.

You’d be surprised how motivated people can become when a prize is involved. 

4. Return the favour

Recommend some of your clients to people in your network! This can be done by word of mouth, LinkedIn, Google reviews, or other social media pages. When your clients see that you truly care about them and their business they’ll be more likely to return the favour–especially when you do this without them having to ask. 

5. Make it as easy

The more complicated the process is, the less likely your clients will be willing to do it.

Make sure the referral process is simple and easy for your clients to follow. Respect their time and create a template or script for them to use. This form should be both mobile and desktop friendly where they will only need to add in their name. Encourage them to share on social media and tag people in their network. Yet, you could also create a contact form where clients can add in the info themselves and send it your way. 

Even though, asking for referrals shouldn’t be awkward or a chore! It is a vital element to your business, so make getting those referrals one of your top priorities. Using your existing connections can open up possibilities for more clients, projects and revenue. 

What are some strategies you use for getting referrals? Let us know!

Thanks for reading.

Maddie Medina

Content Creator | Creative Director



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