Recently burned by a bad coach? Read This…

During one of my launches, someone emailed me and said:

“I just spent $$$ on a coach whose promises were high and let’s just say I wish I had my money back. I’ve been recently burned again so it’s not the money, but the “when will this work”?”

I could write a thesis on how messed up the business coaching industry is with razzle-dazzle marketing promises that don’t match the delivery.

So I get it.

But the reality is, no business coach can answer that question for you.

And anyone who tries to, well…

Also known as deceptive marketing practices to “close the sale”.

Without knowing you, how you can help people, what resources and capabilities you have – I can’t tell you if it’s going to take 3 months or 3 years.

Instead, here’s what someone who actually cares and has invested over $40k in coaches and courses to grow her own business would say:
This will work when you pick one core offer to focus on (whether it’s a course, 1-1 service or a membership), you decide on one clear message (even if it means alienating some part of your current audience), and one sales engine (generally webinar or phone sales) and become open to refining your marketing pieces (sometimes, multiple times to get it right).
This will work when you stick with that plan for at least 6 months, gather all the data each month, compare it against industry benchmarks for your niche and make small incremental improvements. And during this phase, you stay the course even when you feel like burning it all to the ground, starting over or giving up.
This will work when you decide that even if the original plan you first created isn’t working exactly as you hoped, you trust yourself that you can figure out what’s not working and you’re capable of fixing it.
Because for you, there’s no Plan B.
That’s when this will work.
And then, after it works enough times that you see a pattern of profits, Congrats!
You now get the grand prize of a whole new bunch of challenges.
(scaling, hiring, rising ad costs, changing organic algorithms, mindset hurdles to overcome, program updates, customer service issues that come with growth, etc.)
Like raising a child, the work is never really done.
But if your “why” – your purpose for doing this in the first place – is bigger than all these challenges combined – then…

Next Thursday, I’m hosting a free live class where I show you exactly HOW it can work and WHY it’s possible for you in 2022.

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Always rooting for your success,

P.S. – When I share testimonials of my students making $20k, $50k and even $100k months, it’s always meant to inspire you and show you what’s possible when my roadmap, tools and years of experience is shared with someone that’s dedicated and determined to make it happen.


Can’t wait to meet you live!

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