Opportunity for Copywriters – December

Hey mate! As you may have heard, I’m starting a new case study group for December, looking to take 10 more freelancers to $10k/mo by end of Feb next yr. I’m looking for a few specific people, so if you… Are a freelance copywriter or closer (or wanna learn and become one) Making at leastContinue reading “Opportunity for Copywriters – December”

E-Commerce – Argo helps autonomous cars avoid cyclists, The latest Lenovo ThinkPad review, Chromecast + Pluto TV?, and more

It’s common knowledge that roads aren’t the safest place for cyclists, unfortunately. In an effort to remedy this, at least partially, autonomous car company Argo just set up new guidelines for how self-driving cars should interact with cyclists. The company worked with The League of American Bicyclists to create the guidelines and hopes that otherContinue reading “E-Commerce – Argo helps autonomous cars avoid cyclists, The latest Lenovo ThinkPad review, Chromecast + Pluto TV?, and more”

Writer’s guilt and slimy hairballs…

How do you feel when people say you have have to write every day to be successful? ​Do you: A) Wanna slap them in the face with one of those gross, guinea-pig-sized hairballs you find clogging up the shower tray. 🐹 B) Leap out of bed ready to bust out 9,500 words with the excitementContinue reading “Writer’s guilt and slimy hairballs…”

BREAKING: Massive Amazon outage takes down Alexa, Disney Plus and more

The latest news, reviews and analysis SIGN UP ⋅ WEBSITE BIG NEWS Major Amazon outage hits Alexa, Disney Plus, Ring, PUBG and more Amazon Web Services, the web hosting service that runs 33% of the internet, went down today, affecting everything from Disney Plus to League of Legends. As of sending this newsletter, AWS isContinue reading “BREAKING: Massive Amazon outage takes down Alexa, Disney Plus and more”

Free Gift Giveaway – from “Expert Name”: Most Incredible Free Gift EVER…

AH!!! It’s Christmas morning for marketers… and I feel like Santa! Are you ready for this!?! When I first joined “Expert Name’s Community” and went into DEEP studying Expert Name… It was through an offer that Expert Name made called the “_____________” offer. (__________ stands for “______ _________ _______ _______”) I signed up for thisContinue reading “Free Gift Giveaway – from “Expert Name”: Most Incredible Free Gift EVER…”

How To Change Your Reputation: 6 Steps to Becoming the Best YOU

Losers often have the most opinions because it hurts them to see you succeed basically anywhere when they can’t even succeed at a certain thing.

This is why most teachers will laugh when you tell them your going to start a 6 figure business or write a best-selling book, simply because they are spiteful they cannot do it themselves…

BUT… the only reason they can’t, is only because they listened to the people who told them they couldn’t.

Success can be defined as the progressive realization of any worthy ideal.

“Just so long as you can be talked out of yourself, you deserve to be.”
– Alan Watts

Canada’s First ‘CRIME DON’T PAY™’ Foundation

11.215% Decrease in Community Crime Over 3 Years (2016-2019) The Block Bard’s ‘CRIME DON’T PAY’ Initiative coming soon to a community near you! Since its implementation in 2016, The Block Bard’s ‘Crime Don’t Pay’ initiative has seen a substantial decrease in reported crime in the community of Ranchlands, Calgary, AB. whereupon it was created. WhileContinue reading “Canada’s First ‘CRIME DON’T PAY™’ Foundation”

Sarcastic Copy & Luxury Clothing Ads Don’t Click…

After the 2020 Christmas holidays, this women’s fashion E-Commerce client called us in an attempt to increase their daily sales volume, as they had noticed a substantial plateau in their performance. At first, they told me we couldn’t use sarcastic and humorous copywriting for a high-end women’s luxury fashion brand. And it was a journeyContinue reading “Sarcastic Copy & Luxury Clothing Ads Don’t Click…”

Can You Really Call Yourself A Copywriter

The other day, one of my lovely students posted this in our Facebook group: “Can you call yourself a freelance copywriter if you haven’t actually been paid for work or had anything published?” Another student, Random Name (probably Mike. Mike sounds like a real name), put it like this: ​”I have zero experience as aContinue reading “Can You Really Call Yourself A Copywriter”

Free Webinar –How Good Are Your Story Openings?

Hi Prospect Name, 👋 Every speaker and writer strives to capture their reader from the first page, gripping them with an opening that won’t let go. To ensnare your readers with your opening, make sure you register for this week’s free webinar on how to start a story. I am joined by the author andContinue reading “Free Webinar –How Good Are Your Story Openings?”