I’ll Be Happy When I… Fill in the Blank…

I’ll be happy when I get shredded.

I’ll be happy when I have a successful business.

I’ll be happy when I hit 7 figures.

My whole life I’ve been chasing the unicorn that doesn’t exist.

Guess what happened?

Yes I got shredded.

Yes I built successful businesses.

Yes I made progress.

But you wanna know where else that lead?

It lead me down deep, dark holes of sadness and depression.

Looking for the next cheap dopamine hit to keep me ‘HAPPY’.

Alcohol, drugs, junk food, months of mindless hours on Netflix and Youtube.

Which always lead to SELF-SABOTAGE.

I’d go from shredded to fat.

Making money to losing money.

Helping clients to losing clients.

Forever searching for happiness based on external validation.

Constantly comparing myself to those doing better than me.

“He is more shredded”
“He makes more money”
“I wish I had his genetics/talent/discipline”

So here is what I learned the hard way.

If you don’t love yourself now, you won’t love yourself when you achieve whatever version of success looks like to you.

If you don’t love yourself now, you will always find ways to SELF-SABOTAGE.

Is PAIN a great way to get started? Absolutely.

Marketers know this. And they market to our PAIN.


Focusing on our PAIN is NOT the way to SUSTAIN change.

When you love yourself now and know that ‘YOU ARE ENOUGH”


Because he who needs nothing ATTRACTS EVERYTHING.

It works in SALES
It works in your BODY

Stop operating from a place of LACK, and start with LOVE.

Watch what happens ⚡️

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