11 Things That Will Kill Your Blog Posts Every-time: Tips by the Best Copywriters in Canada!

Best copywriters in Canada

You have begun writing a blog. Whether it is for a client or yourself, you’ve found
blog posting to be a daunting task. Like always, we are not here to place a hook. Instead, we will begin with the conclusions. Blogs are worth it, but they are hard work for best copywriters in Canada!

They are worth it because blog posts are the single easiest way for a brand to climb
the SEO rankings. The modern SEO strategy depends on blogs for Google to find new
content to crawl. We know running a blog can be daunting, so here are a few ways for you NOT to screw up your blogging campaign!

#1 Clever, punchy and clichéd, are all terrible ideas!

You are not Noah on Comedy Central. There is no way for you to nail the best punchline for your blog. My advice will be to make a clear heading that incorporates your keywords well. There is a reason no one is reinventing the wheel. I will advise my readers to follow in the footsteps of their predecessors.

#2 Link to Your Old Blog Posts:

Most people believe that linking to your old post is self- propaganda, and they prefer to link their content to renowned sources online. That is not wise, as you have just provided an excellent backlink to an outsider who could care less for the backlink you handed them on a silver platter. When you are backlink to your blogs, you invite the readers to your old blog posts. That fulfills Google SEO guidelines, and it also allows users to check out your other content. 

#3 Avoid Linking to Major Publishers: 

If you have to choose between backlinking to Forbes and a comparatively struggling blogger who quotes the same information, choose the latter. Forbes will never care for the backlink, but the blogger will significantly appreciate the traffic and try to pay you back many folds. Backlinking to the local bloggers is the best way to gain a substantial audience.

#4 Meta-Descriptions Are Important: 

Only 40% of the online pages produce meta-descriptions, and there are two ways to look at those numbers. You can either think that it is ok to be lazy or admit that there is an untapped potential to grow your SEO ranking by developing a habit of using meta-descriptions every day in your blog posting.

#5 Target Low Competitive Keywords:

The best copywriters in Canada know that choosing keywords that have 70+ difficulty is a waste of time as the competition is too high. But going for a keyword that is ranking under 40 on keyword difficulty is also a bad idea. 

Low-ranking keywords are rarely useful, and your content will not gain the proper attention. It’s metaphorically like cooking a fresh dish and throwing it in the freezer while your guests wait for a fresh meal!

#6 Long Tail URLs:

We are continuously advised to use long-tail keywords in our blog posts by the best copywriters in Canada. Now, to appease SEO Yoast, we are expected to place your primary – long-tail- a keyword in the URL. That means you have a URL that looks like a sentence. 

It’s ok to have them on your domain. But before you share these links on social media pages, run them through Bitly and get shorter URLs. Shorter URLs are more appealing and are well-known for gaining better engagement!

#7 Copying from ‘Top Ranking Blogs’: 

Firstly, Google recently launched an update that will tally every crawled blog with a specified keyword against the top-ranking blogs for the said keyword. If the title and internal content have a high similarity rating, the blog will not be ranked well. 

Your content will not be blocked, but it will be ranked lower. The Update is known as the duplicate content for easy understanding. Secondly, finding the latest information and developing fresh content is far more accessible, and trying to understand another person’s POV and recreating it!

#8 Four Posts a Month:

As the best copywriters in Canada wil tell you, if you are not even writing one blog post a month, you do not have a blogging strategy. To have any hope of getting noticed by Google at all, you need to have four blog posts published every month. Otherwise, you might as well sell your domain.

#9 Heading After 150 Words!

Always break up your paragraphs into three lined chunks. That is crucial to managing the readability of your content. Also, make sure that you place a new heading after every 150 words, or the readers will lose interest.

#10 No Sharing; No Caring: 

I have met more bloggers than I can count who do not share their content on social media channels and lose out on many audiences. Most individuals like reading blogs and are always curious about blog posts written by people they know and follow. Moz has officially accepted a clear correlation between a successful and well-visited blog post, even if the correlation is not entirely clear.

#11 ‘CTA to Comments’: *BONUS*

Even the best copywriters in Canada do not believe in the power of an active comments section, so they always finish their article with a standard one-line ‘tell us what you think in the comments section.’ Are you one of those bloggers? 

If yes, then let me ask you one question, what are they expected to comment on? Your entire blog post? Are you paying them for such long and arduous work? Always end your blog with a substantial question that deserves to be answered. 

You can take your questions from a celebrity or a high-ranking blog post. But make sure that you give them a common prompt that will help them narrow down their comment possibilities. All in all, there are a few ways that you can screw the pooch that is your SEO strategy. It would help if you learned to avoid obvious mistakes that are keeping your SEO juice from flowing! That will certainly help you get the right results!
In the spirit of leading by example: tell us the one point we shared that was news to you and had never heard before! We are dying to hear your thoughts in the comments section.

Thanks for reading!

Darakhshan Roohi


Blogger | Digital Marketing Manager


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