Democratic Political Party Election Letter


I'm sending you this urgent letter because I believe you and I are on the same side of the most important political battle in Country history.
On one side, it's people like you and me - principled Country and committed Shared Political Viewpoints who believe in Shared Beliefs List.
And, on the other side, we're up against Opposition, the worst ___________ in Country history, and their controlling, corrupt, condescending, spending-addicted, government-knows-best Opposing Party.
As I write you, we're in the final stages of what many believe to be the most important Country election since World War II.
And this election is on a knife's edge. It couldn't be closer.
Yes, it really is that close.

Shortly, I'll outline how you can help me prevent Opposition from exploiting the COVID-19 pandemic to make the ____________ government bigger, more intrusive, and more powerful than even you or I could imagine.

But first, please take a moment to imagine what Country will look like if Opposition wins election in a few days. Or, worse, if they get the Majority Government they crave so much...

For starters, the Opposition would continue to add billions of dollars to Country's debt every year long after the pandemic subsides.

That's right the "temporary" spending the Opposition authorized during the pandemic would continue FOREVER!

But the spending is just the beginning.

The Opposition have made it clear they also fully intend to use the pandemic to conduct risky, job-killing experiments with our economy. You know the kind of experiments I'm talking about...

The kind that win them friends among Elite Hollywood celebrities and the super-elite crowds but hurt you and your family.

How can I be so sure?

It's because the Opposition told us themselves! Remember, it was Opposition's Deputy Opposition and Opposition who said the pandemic created a "window of political opportunity.

"Opportunity"?! How revealing...

I wonder what kind of "opportunity" the Opposition's have in store for Country's natural resources and our energy industry, which were struggling under the weight of Opposition's job-killing policies long before the pandemic ever struck our shores.

After all, it was only some time ago that Opposition said he wanted to Insert thing that would piss your voters off.

Now the Opposition's talk about "transitioning" Program or Resource out of existence.

And what will a re-elected Opposition government mean for your free speech?

We've already seen Opposition ram this law, that law, through Parliament, giving the government the power to control what you see, read, listen to, and watch online.

You and I both know (law) was only a small preview of what's to come if the Opposition are elected just a short time from now...

Of course, none of this should surprise us. You probably haven't forgotten Opposition's shocking answer when they were asked which nation they admired the most.

Their answer: Nation with Shared Negative Moral Views or Connotations.

My friend, I know you care deeply about Country. That's another thing you and I have in common.

And that's why I'm counting on you to stand shoulder to shoulder with me in doing everything we can to stop Opposition from turning the country you and I cherish into something that will be virtually unrecognizable within a generation.

You see, Election Day is just around the corner.

And the simple fact of the matter is ONLY ONE party can defeat Opposition and save Country --- and that's the MY Party.

In this election, a vote for any party other than Canada's MY PARTY is a vote for an Opposition Majority Government led by Opposition.

So please, I urge you to help me rescue Country from
Opposition's economic incompetence and end his anti
freedom crusade by casting your ballot for your local
MY PARTY candidate the ONLY candidate in your
riding who can defeat the Opposition.

Of course, your vote is your choice. And I recognize
that I'm not even a candidate in your riding!

But I wouldn't be taking time off the doorsteps to
write you personally if I wasn't deeply worried about what
four years of Opposition's failed leadership would
mean for your pocketbook, your freedom, and the country you and I both cherish.

On DATE, I urge you to put your love of country ahead of partisan politics and vote for the only party that can defeat/replace the Opposition..

Help me today, and I'm confident that, years from now, when your grandchildren ask about the choice you made during Country's most consequential election since World War II, you'll be able to tell them you made a difference by voting MY PARTY.

Thank you for taking the time to read my letter, and
thanks in advance for helping to get/keep Opposition out of
office so we can get Country back on track.



P.S. My friend, I believe you and I have a lot in common.

In fact, I'm writing you because I've heard of your love of
Country and your commitment to freedom, liberty, and core Shared values. So, I trust you'll remember this one critical message from me when you cast your ballot...

In your riding, a vote for any party other than Country's
MY PARTY is a vote for an Opposition Majority Government,
led by Opposition.