Upgrade Your E-Commerce LIKE NOW

2 years ago, we realized online shopping was broken...

We noticed there was a HUGE problem with the checkout process.

It was long and full of hassles.

Account login info

Shipping info

Billing info

Credit card info

Way too many steps

Causing way too many issues, for way too many people.

Like our CEO's grandmother

Who struggled to buy groceries online.

She couldn't remember her password.

She couldn’t get what she needed.

And we thought

Buying stuff online shouldn't be THIS much of a hassle.

So we decided to fix it

And Fast was born.

We created a one-click checkout solution

For the entire Internet.

People can now buy their favorite items with ease.

No more passwords

No more long forms

Just one simple click.

And here we are

Two years later.

We've installed Fast Checkout on hundreds of eComm stores.

And they’ve seen their conversions go through the roof

Upwards of 157%.

We also created a partnership with Stripe, one of our largest investors.

And we just rolled out a Zero Fraud Guarantee.

So sellers never have to worry about another chargeback.

We'll eat the costs.

eComm brands are realizing the value of a quick and easy checkout solution.

It's just one, simple button.

On that note

Wanna learn more about Fast Checkout?

And your store is built on WooCommerce or BigCommerce?

You're in luck.

Our team can show you how it works.

Just fill out our short form.

And we’ll reach out.

If you're not impressed

Or simply prefer your traditional checkout process

That's 100% okay.

We're just extending the invite.

PS Keep your eyes on your inbox. 😉