3 Simple Steps To Becoming A Better YOU

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This pandemic has proven its ability, or rather the governments, to shut down home and family based businesses quicker than a King’s Court Stalin in the state of Kentucky!

Now, why open with this? Because one of the reasons larger corporations aren’t hit as hard (or in other’s words; are staying open) is because well, not only are they larger, but:

1. They are more sturdy.

2. They probably provide jobs for many families.

3. Investors… are in the politics (directly or indirectly).

But I’m only telling you this so the next time something goes haywire maybe it will be your family’s business that gets to stay open!

These simple 3 Things have worked for me as well as my team in making our mark as an advertising agency in helping our clients get the best out of their campaigns. To help condition both body and mind, for tough and unexpected times. Which unfortunately will come as sure as the morning sun. Let’s just hope not as frequent


  • Okay, most people get anxious when they hear this, and, I’ll be honest, I generally wash hot and rinse cold. Meaning I only get the physiological benefits (physical and psychological) at the end of the shower for a few seconds; Those benefits?
    • Increasing will power.
    • Increases metabolic rate.
    • Increased circulation. (Wakes you up).
    • Increased dominant hormonal gene. (This means Men get more manly and Women more womanly from some cold water… now that’s awesome).


  • But, wait? How do I set goals for other people when I can barely set them for myself? (scratches head). When you set goals for other people it reinforces your belief in them, and thus, their belief in themselves. On the same note, telling your goals to somebody makes you more likely to live up to them. Lest you’re later seen as a liar, loser, or worse, someone who just never did what they said they were going to. Yes, things change, goals change. I am actually supposed to write a blog every week, yet find other priorities, (like writing and consulting clients) coming first at times. [This is one of my personal creative goals. ]
    • Find your passion
    • Set attainable and measurable goals in that passion
    • Publicize those goals in said passion
    • Master prolific quality output (P.Q.O.)


  • Were this blog–on the other hand–for a Client of ours, there’s no doubt it would be done by the deadline. So then that begs the question of whether or not we’ve created the right sense of urgency. We’ve created a deadline (blog post every week), so there must be something we can do to instil in it an even deeper sense of urgency by attributing to it some: responsibility, accountability, and leadership.
    • Write down next to your deadline why it must be done by then, and why it is important. (E.g. hundreds of readers count on me, I made a vow to sit my ass down and write, if I miss this what else will I miss? et cetera, et cetera).

Realizing that your personality, becomes your personal reality, means you’re that much closer at turning or furthering your art into marketable skills.

And, as many professionals have predicted before, as well as having been touched on several times, or rather drawing itself out as a recurrent theme in The Block Bard’s blog, is the juvenescent elixir that underlies the creative cultural movement that is quality over quantity. Meaning again, more and more people will pay a prettier penny to have their things made in their backyard, by their neighbour.

What you know + Who you know = What you do

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~ Cheers,

Mackenzie Andres


Founder | Head of Copy


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