6 Proven Ways of Creating Captivating Copy

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Have you ever sat in front of your computer with a really great idea but aren’t sure how to get your message across? Creating captivating copy and immersing your audience into your content is key. You want to compel them to stay on your site and read other posts. 

In this blog, we will be sharing six ways to create captivating copy. 

#1. It’s All In The Headline

Writing the perfect headline is no easy task and you’ll probably have an initial idea that you don’t use. In order to attract the right readers, the keyword should be present for SEO optimization. 

A popular tactic is to use numbers in the headline. For example, “4 ways to decorate your bedroom for the spring.”

Keep the reader wanting more by pulling them in with knowledge. An example would be, “This social media secret will boost your engagement.”

#2. Connect With Your Readers

Remember that there are real people on the other side reading your content. Speak directly to them and address their personal needs in the piece. You’re trying to spark an emotional connection. When your readers feel connected, they’ll be more likely to come back to your content. Don’t be afraid to let some personality show either! Encourage readers to leave comments on your posts, share images, and share personal stories when appropriate!

#3. Get To The Point

Cut out the fluffy filler. Ensure that your sentences are clear and direct. Your words matter, make sure every one of them counts. 

If you can cut out extra words without your sentence losing the meaning – you should!

Being specific is more interesting to read and it is also more relatable. 

#4. Stop Writing When You’re Done

Avoid writing bloated copy, ideas that don’t make sense, and random ideas. Once you’ve written all the information you have and it is packed with value, stop writing. Don’t write just to fill a word count quota. When your writing is direct or when you’re writing to hit that word count, it’s probably time to stop. 

#5. Get Inspired

Writer’s block can hit at any moment. There’s nothing wrong with looking at other websites or blogs like yours to get some inspiration and breakthrough. Without plagiarizing their work, take a look at what various writers are doing. What works for them? How can you try their approach on your own work? 

#6. Call To Action

Your reader should know exactly what to do when they read your call to action. Your call to action might urge readers to download a pdf or reserve a spot to a webinar. Play around with the wording but keep the value top of mind. You don’t have to use a verb but it can help get your message across. What are some ways you get your readers to engage? 

These were just a few ideas to create copy that will captivate and engage your audience. 

Knowing your audience and understanding what they connect with is key. Once you have that figured out, you’ll be good to go! 

Have any other ways to create captivating copy Leave us a comment, we’d love to hear it.

Thanks for reading 🙂

Maddie Medina

Content Creator | Creative Direction



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