A Simple but Effective Strategy for Success


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Strategy for Success” is a 10,000-word self-help program.

It was designed for the busiest of people by combining the world’s best books into 10 Steps.

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You can achieve success in anything that YOU DO. And this book will show you how, in the simplest steps.

What If You Could Achieve Success In Any Area You Entered?

The truth is– we are not taught these things in school.

Your education and discipline comes from within you, not some institution. It must be trained and honed like any other skill, if you’re to truly conquer every area of your life.

Over the years I’ve had the pleasure of teaching the Classics to millions per year online, and reaching some of the biggest brains on the planet. Everyone from Dale Carnegie, to Presidents, to myself, has used these ancient habits to build their businesses and ideas with scale.

Anytime I catch myself worrying about my performance I relate back to these principles and analyze exactly where and in what areas I am lacking. These habits, (all but their order) have been adopted from the lives of the best leaders, philanthropists, artists, creators, CEOs, managers, and all other people of irrefutable and sometime infamous influence.

Together, these habits form a strategy, or system, far more powerful than the sum of their parts.

The habits laid out in these few pages could easily extend into a lengthy novel topping hundreds of pages, but I know YOUR time is valuable, and I too know that many of these habits are rendered useless unless they are implemented alongside a structured and disciplinary strategy – THIS IS THAT STRATEGY.

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