grow your cleaning company free training

There is a difference between owning a cleaning company, and working for your own cleaning company.

Owners who work FOR their cleaning company get pulled away from growth because they’re:

• Constantly putting out fires that never seem to stop.

• They get stuck managing all client communication and worry every time when their phone rings (or lack of ringing..).

• They are involved in the labor and don’t know how they could ever promise their clients the same results if they didn’t just do it themselves.

But Individuals who actually own their cleaning company:

• Have a process that makes hiring and keeping employees a breeze.

• They understand that their time is better spent building the company instead of cleaning.

• They have an exact road map of where they want to go, and exactly how they plan to get there.

Here at Grow My Cleaning Company, we specialize in working 1 on 1 with cleaning companies looking to grow. We have helped a number of cleaning company owners get out of cleaning and build the business they have set out to build.

We have put together a free training that is made specifically for cleaning companies and are giving away some amazing advice and life lessons for those in the thick of it all!

If you would love to get a little foresight and get your business on the right path, then jump on this link to get access. It’s super easy, and could be the best thing you ever did for your business!

See ya soon!