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Tell me if you agree:

Something feels a bit off when you scroll your newsfeed.

A type of “huh, that’s not right” feeling that gets your spidey senses fired up.

Me too.

This is why I’m excited to have a conversation about the new era of marketing, an era that you’re probably already starting to see across the online marketing world.

🙌An era where honesty is both the best policy and supports us in creating solid customer relationships.

🔥An era where story keeps us connected and creates solid foundations for our business practices.

🍩An era where we can all win and gold flaked donuts don’t exist for the few but for the many.

This is all why I’ve created The 5 Cringey Copywriting Tactics To Stop Doing Immediately, so you can learn to write copy that doesn’t sacrifice your values and STILL helps you see success!

You’re a match for this if you have an online business and:

👀The copy you read online feels a bit been-there-done-that, and you’re looking for a new way

😊You want to enjoy copywriting instead of dreading it

✏️You want to write copy that sells without being pushy, smarmy, cheesy or annoying

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