Honest Advertising; How To Youtube

This text costs me $0.10 to place on your feed

Stupid, right?

To make this work, at least 2% of people who see this ad need to click it…

Then 30% of that 2% needs to give me their email.

After that, 20% of that 30% needs to reach out to me and my team.

So… that doesn’t seem very profitable, does it?

It can be profitable (I know because it is for me), but it’s way too much work.

Why invest time into something that isn’t driving revenue?

That’s why I don’t spend too much time on my ads.

It doesn’t drive substantial revenue for me.

Know what does?

My YouTube channel… and that’s all free

AND it’s on a bigger social platform than Facebook.

And when people watch my YouTube videos, the likelihood of them becoming a client is much higher than some random person who sees my ads (you)

But you can’t just upload videos and expect to…

  1. Blow up overnight and
  2. Generate actual interest in your online products

And you can’t scale your business if you don’t have an audience…

And you can’t build an audience without YouTube

Which is always easier said than done… but I’ve found a few shortcuts from my 6+ years on YouTube, and I think you could benefit from learning them too…

Click the link below to check out my case study on how I leveraged my YouTube audience to grow my online business to an empire.

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