Join My Challenge and Fire Your Copywriter !

Hey, I’m Mac. ⁣

I’m a full-time email copywriter for a range of coaches, entrepreneurs, and health businesses.⁣

I write emails for my clients’ lists, and they tend to make a lot of money as a result.⁣

The emails are fun to write, and usually take all of 30 minutes to complete.⁣

Usually, there’s no super crazy automation involved.⁣

I just pick a subject.⁣

I write about it.⁣

I hit send.⁣

One of my favorite client emails generated $25,000 – just from one single email.⁣

And one of my larger clients increased their revenue by 37% with an upsell campaign.

But here’s the thing…⁣

👉 My clients probably could write the emails I write for them.⁣

👉 They probably could just follow the same process I follow.⁣

👉 They probably could just find 30 spare minutes in their day to send out one of these emails.⁣

And they would most likely generate the same results I do for them.⁣

Here’s why:⁣

The emails don’t require tons of copywriting/marketing knowledge to write.⁣

The emails aren’t super complicated to come up with (like I said: I pick a subject, then just write).⁣

And in most cases they only take about 30 minutes to plan, write, and send off.⁣

Simple stuff, really.⁣

And yet, this same strategy has allowed me to turn their email lists into dependable profit centers for their businesses month after month.⁣

And I want to share that strategy with you too.⁣

That’s why I put together a fun 21-day challenge where I give you everything you need (tools, templates, training – all of it) to learn and implement this strategy into your own business.⁣

You can join that challenge here: LINK⁣

Like I said:⁣

You don’t need to be Shakespeare to write these emails.⁣

You don’t need to have a degree in email marketing.⁣

And you don’t need to find an extra 20+ hours in your schedule per week to make this work.⁣

The only thing you need is an understanding is that every single subscriber on your list is a living, breathing, warm-blooded human. ⁣

And if you treat them like an actual person, this strategy could work wonders for you.⁣

To check out the 21-day challenge, head to the link below:⁣