lazy man’s guide to making money

What if I told you it was possible for you to watch movies, play games, and basically slack off all day for the next one month and still make a million naira ? 

Sounds too good to be true right ? 

But it is, so many  people do this consistently and so can you 

But the reason you think it’s too good to be true is because you have been programmed to believe that you can’t be rich without hard work 

Now I am not saying hard work is not important.


But hard work is not the key to being rich. 

If it was then the street-hawkers, bricklayers, wheelbarrow-pushers would be the richest people alive 

But we all know that’s not true, these guys make pennies 

So if hard-work isn’t the key like we have been led to believe then what is ?

The answer is simple and I will reveal it to you in a minute 

But first let me tell you about myself 

My name is ________ and I can easily be described as the laziest person ever 

Everyday by 6am I am already awake watching an  Anime (I am a die-hard Anime lover) or a movies 

I spend most of my time watching movies, chilling with my friends, playing games and basically slacking off all day in my underwear 

Matter of fact I am typing this now while in my black boxer shorts and typing this is basically the hardest work I have done all day 

But nevertheless I make as little as 10k on a bad day and as much as 100k on a great day 

Please note I am not saying this to boast but to show you what’s possible 

I am able to do this because I have identified the secret of being rich 

Which is 


you see the rich work smart by creating assets that can make them money day in and day out even while they sleep 

There are so many different assets you can create 

Many of which takes years to set up 

But one of those few assets that’s easy to create and make money from is information product 

An information product is basically an information that solves a particular problem packaged in the form of an ebook, video course, webinar etc.

Take for instance 

It’s common knowledge that most Nigerians would jump at the chance to relocate to the US or UK 

If I know how a hidden way to get US or UK visa easily in a month 

And I package that as an ebook and sell 

Do you think lots of people will be interested in buying it? 

Of course, I am sure even you reading this would be interested 

So Let’s say I sell this ebook for 10,000 naira 

I can easily get 2-5 people buying it daily 

Which means I can make between 20-50k daily 

Now here’s the amazing part, selling an info-product is fully automated 

Which means once you do the work to set it up once, then you can slack off all day and make money even in your sleep 

And more than just making money

You also get to see this product you created transform people’s life 

You literally have people showering you blessings and praying for you while you are making money 

So now you know the secret to being rich

 Work Smart And Not Hard 

So get started today creating assets that can make you money in your sleep 

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