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A writer walks into a bar. 

He starts speaking to another writer and announces proudly:

“I’m writing a novel”

The other man responds:

“Neither am I”...

… it’s an old joke authors tell each other. Because procrastination and ambition is so rife within the community that when someone says they’re working on something… they’re probably not.

When will agency owners come to accept this? 

There’s a MASSIVE difference between running an agency and being a freelancer who trades with a name. 

It’s not an office, it’s not a registered address, and it’s not a website. 

It’s something much more simple: it’s the ability to *procure* your work, not *produce* it.

Agency owners procure work: they manage either contractors or staff members, implement systems and processes and remove themselves from their agencies as much as they can. 

In my new Business & Growth Blog, I show you how you can transform your business into a real operation and remove yourself from it. 

It’s free. And it's also free of ads for the time being!
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