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4 insights that will help you get hired for $10k+ copywriting jobs...

Yesterday I posted a job in the CoC job board, and had 25 people apply and send me their work...
After going through 70 pieces of copy to see who would be a good fit for us, I started to notice a few things that came up over and over again.
I figured I would share these insights here to help any copywriters who want to know what it takes for get hired for $10k-$40k copywriting jobs.
If you're still sharing every single VSL and letter with prospect employers...
if you're a woman looking to lose 20lbs or more, then this will be the most important letter you ever read" then you need to up your game. I probably read 20 letters yesterday that started out with some variation of that. You're immediately turning off the viewers when you say this, because they've heard it so many times before. It's generic and played out.

Too many people write copy without giving any thought to the audience that it's going to. I looked at at least 10 pieces of copy that could have just as easily been for a 30 year old reader as a 70 year old reader. If you're writing is this broad then you're probably missing the mark with your target audience.

 If the reader doesn't feel like "wow this is for me" when they read your piece, then you're not being specific enough to their situation.
Some people sent me 5+ copywriting samples (all in different niches) that felt like nothing but a clone of each other. This is plug-and-play copywriting, and if you're trying to write to any BIG niche like health, finance or relationships, its not going to work. 

 The "hook" for that product should really drive the copy.

 If you're new and you don't have any examples or controls under your belly, find a product out there and re-write their sales letter for them. Even if that company never uses it, this will at least give you samples to send to people who don't know you.

Hope this helps a few people...
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