money doesn’t care about you

Money doesn't care about you 😧

No need to get upset, money doesn't care about me either... 

In fact, money doesn't care about anyone. 

Money does not discriminate. 

Even if we take all the money from the elites and distribute it equally among the people, it will crawl back to the pockets of the elites. 


Coz the only thing that money cares about is value. 

Are you providing value? Does society value you? How much value are you providing? 

This is why you have 40-year-olds who a dead broke working the same 9-5 job for the last year, and 8-year-olds who are  multi-millionaires 😯

Coz 8-year-olds are providing more value than those 40-year-olds. 

When getting your first 1-3 high paying clients, lead with giving value. 

And the money will follow you! 

What do you guys think?
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