Women’s Boutique Booming

Striking a nerve within the audience we showcase our ads to, by crafting striking copy and pairing that with top tier creatives is the number one way to scale to multiple 5 & 6 figures per month. Right away when we began working with this women’s accessory boutique, we knew we needed to resonate more effectively with her audience.

We took it upon ourselves to get products ordered to our team and conduct our own personal photo & video shoot to allow the products features and benefits to shine through.

All the while our Copywriter Mackenzie Andres spent days on end in meetings collaborating with the client on ways we could engage her ideal customer. We applied our “Bottom Line Accelerator” strategy right away and instantaneously began seeing improved CTR and CPMs.

This led us to our first 50-Days being able to generate a cool $19,000 in net revenue for the client, when they were once only doing just short of $1000 in monthly revenue online.

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