Emails Suck to Write, Grab Mine for FREE

What’s more fun than writing 10 sales emails from scratch?

Umm...let me count the things! 

Folding fitted sheets? 🛏 Shoveling snow? ❄️ Learning to write code? 👩‍💻

If you’re launching a digital course, I bet you’ve got a hundred and eighty-five things you need to be doing...and writing emails is probably the least fun task you can think of. 

Enter Your Name or Business Name.

I LOVE writing emails, and mine are really, really good. So why not use them to get you started??

Every great copywriter knows it’s just more efficient to start with a template. 

Never, ever write from scratch. Too much work!

Clickety-click to get my 10-email promo sequence you can use as a template for your next digital course promotion ---> LINK

Boom! You’ll be done those emails in just an hour or two.
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