How To Overcome Rejection: Script Offer

Your screen lights up and your heart skips a beat.

The dream client you've been wanting to work with for ages actually got back to you!

You rip open the notification with the excitement of a 7-year-old kid on Christmas morning.

And staring back at you are 6 words that make your heart sink like a stone.

In the blink of an eye, your smile vanishes.

"Sorry, I Already Have a Copywriter"

Sound familiar?

It's a crushing feeling no doubt, but certainly not the end of the world.

At this point, you really have 3 options:

1) Get MAD [not recommended]

How dare they put their business in the hands of someone clearly less capable than you?? Blasphemy.

Tell 'em how you really feel.

2) Cry [not recommended nor particularly productive]

Oh, what's that? You sent one cold DM and didn't close the client?

Looks like it's time to grab a bucket of Ben & Jerry's cookie dough ice cream and sob uncontrollably while watching Friends reruns.

Or better yet, just call it quits and hang up your freelancing hat for good.

3) Challenge them to test you vs their current copywriter [recommended]

Just because someone already has a copywriter, doesn't mean they're not open to working with a better one 😉

However, you can't just waltz on in there and demand that they instantly drop their current copywriter for you.

This is a delicate situation and it must be handled with caution.

Which is why I crafted a word-for-word reply for you to use in this situation should it ever arise.

It's covered in this week's value bomb, which you can watch here: LINK