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I had a weird idea. 

What if you took Netflix, subtracted Friends, The Office, and the Outerbanks...

… and replaced it with something that could change thousands of lives, for free? 

What if you created a season, full of episodes, with actual knowledge that real people could use to change their lives? 

It turns out it’s easy to do. 

And it’s called _________________. 

A two-week, subscription-free event that gives you unparalleled information on starting and scaling a real business. 

In eight episodes, you’ll learn how easy it is to get started, tricks to grow quickly and sustainably, and a real-time Live Q&A with industry experts. 

No sneaky card information required to subscribe. No catch. No hidden fee. 

In fact, just by registering, you could get your hands on a handful of Apple goodies.

Save your spot: 

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