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To sell your courses or coaching these days, all the experts say you need a FUNNEL 🤦

But the problem is…

Nobody has the time (or master copywriting skills!) to create all the content that’s required for a successful funnel.

It’s frustrating, right? 😞 Spending all that time developing the ultimate course or coaching program to help your clients get incredible results…

Only to get stuck when it comes to all the tricky marketing stuff like Sales Pages, Facebook™ Ads, Lead Magnets, Webinar Promos, Email Sequences, Social Media Posts, and Blog Content etc etc.

Maybe you’ve tried to outsource some of it. But the kind of copywriters most people can afford rarely get the results you actually need.

But what if there was a QUICK & EASY way to get ALL the content you need for a highly successful funnel that…

✅ Positions you as the trusted authority in your market
✅ Attracts your ideal clients & customers on autopilot
✅ Gets people lining up and wanting to work with you
✅ Eliminates the need for expensive copywriters

Yep, content that’s been proven to help coaches, consultants and course creators grow their business without any hassles… and free up their time so they can do what they do best.

Sound pretty good?

Well, I’ve done all the hard work so you don’t have to…

And created EVERY piece of “done-for-you” marketing content you’ll ever need 😍

Simply fill in the blanks and presto! Your marketing content is done… almost instantly.

👉 I call this handy resource “The Funnel Marketing Kit”…

And it’s a life saver for coaches, consultants and course creators because you get to leverage my 20 years as a successful online marketer & copywriter.

Best of all, it allows you to get on with actually serving your clients and making a real impact in the world.

As part of a limited time marketing test, you can get everything included in “The Funnel Marketing Kit” below for just $5.60 (normally $67.00)…

Yes, you read that right.

You get all this for just $5.60…

⚡️ 100’s of Facebook™ Ad Templates
⚡️ 2x Landing Page Templates
⚡️ 3x Sales Page Templates
⚡️ 3x Order Bump Templates
⚡️ 2x Nurture Email Templates
⚡️ 9x Sales Email Templates
⚡️ 1x Abandon Cart Sequence
⚡️ 3x Affiliate Email Templates
⚡️ 12x Blog Post Templates
⚡️ 50x Social Media Templates

🎁 BONUS #1: Sales Funnel Mastery
🎁 BONUS #2: 10 Essential Funnel Maps
🎁 BONUS #3: 101 Winning Email Subjects

Phew, that’s a lot of great stuff! 🥰

But naturally this Special Discounted Offer can’t last.

If you want ALL your marketing content done for you, simply click the LEARN MORE button now to get instant access for just $5.60 👇


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How Does This Help My Business?

Mackenzie Andres, Founder & Head of Copy at The Block Bard group has written ads in over 27 different industries and put some [100’s] of his personal favourites in the public domain for you and your company to learn what’s working.

Study them, Copy them… The World is Yours, and


Just make sure to edit them to your industry, offer & audience as any good copywriter would.

***Disclaimer Please Read***

All ads are either written for personal business purposes by me, or taken directly from your competitors. We will NEVER EVER post content we create for our Clients.

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