Join/Support non-profit this Season: What’s important to you, Prospect Name?

Picture this, Prospect Name.

You gather with family and friends around a table of abundance. A piping hot meal waits to be served – but first, you share gratitude for the people around you.

You’re blessed and you’re smiling – your hearts are filled with love and connection.

But for every face at your table right now, there’s someone out in the world who might be facing a tough time.

Someone’s grandmother. Someone’s father. Someone’s child.

They might not know where their next meal will come from.

But when you become part of the international movement – Program/Initiative – your generosity will change someone’s life this holiday season.

You’ll put food on the table – and just one basket of food can make all the difference for someone like it did for Your Name when he was a child.

Learn more about Program/Initiative and lend a hand in your community

The International Program/Initiative first started as Your Name’s personal effort to feed families in need when he was just a teenager – an act inspired by the kind stranger that delivered a Thanksgiving dinner to his family when he was just a boy.

Now, as part of _______________, for 30+ years thousands of volunteers have created Program/Initiative in their communities around the world and continue to give their time, energy, and presence by creating and personally delivering baskets of goods to others every year.

If you’re looking for a way to give back this holiday season, consider becoming part of the Program/Initiative – and invite others to join you!

Find a Program/Initiative near you and help end hunger this holiday season

The Program/Initiative has grown into an international volunteer movement through _________________ that helps feed those in need around the world.

So we ask you to picture this scene again, Prospect Name.

You gather with family and friends around a table of abundance.

A piping hot meal waits to be served and after your meal you share a moment of gratitude…

And then you put your gratitude in action and make a difference by helping those in need in your community.

Make Program/Initiative part of your holiday celebrations with loved ones this holiday season. Visit The _________________ to find an interactive map of Program/Initiative happening near you – or you can create your own Program/Initiative.

Remember, whether it’s just giving one meal to someone struggling this holiday or thousands, your kindness changes lives.

Be a blessing!

Your Name/Team Name

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