Life Coaching: I’m Sorry Prospect Name!!

Hey Prospect Name, it’s _____________ from your live training with Your Name last weekend and I can’t sleep because my mind is racing!

Your Name‘s irresistible Your Program/Service Virtual offer is going to close in a few hours at midnight Pacific time and I wanted to make sure you don’t miss out on this amazing opportunity.

I know we’ve sent you lots of emails this week and that’s originally why I said sorry.

But you know me and you know all I want is for you to take massive action and have the life you really want 🙂

So no – I’m actually not sorry at all!

Actually, I would be sorry if I didn’t send you one last reminder and you missed out. Missed your chance to dig in deep with Your Name at his favorite event… then yeah I’d be real sorry. So I decided not to keep quiet and make sure you didn’t miss out Prospect Name.

So use this link and go grab your seat (and those crazy bonuses) before they’re gone for good at midnight 🙂

Here’s how this is gonna go: We’re going to get messages from so many people tomorrow morning saying “I want in!” and we’re going to sadly tell them that this special offer and bonuses are gone.

I know how it feels to miss out and get left behind. Regret is the WORST. So do us both a favor and don’t let that be you.

I don’t want to keep you too long because I know it’s late but you have to know this:

Your Name is obsessed with helping you reach your next level of success and happiness. Like OBSESSED.

That’s why he created this offer so that you can attend one of the most powerful, transformative, and life-changing events of all time – ________________, Insert Date.

And I already know you’re committed to doing whatever it takes to achieve your goals. If you weren’t, you wouldn’t be reading this in the first place.

So don’t hesitate Prospect Name. Limiting beliefs are only powerful if you allow them to be 😉

Click here to go grab your seat before it’s too late in just a few hours!!

I’ve never seen Your Name quite as moved as he was this week when he went live and YOU are to thank for that.

So THANK YOU again and I can’t wait to see how Your Name transfers that energy into Your Program/Service Virtual!

Hopefully, you were able to see this before midnight. Fingers crossed!

Team Members Name

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