Fall LifeHacks & LinkCity: S’mores Baskets, Teal Pumpkins, The Inside Scoop on Prebiotics, and More

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Dishwasher leak? Before scheduling a repair, check the door seals. Food gunk and mineral buildup can create just enough space to let a little water leak out. Clean it off with vinegar.

Happy Thursday! I’ll admit it has been one of those weeks where I’m off by a day, so this was almost a Happy Friday newsletter, but a triple calendar check set me straight.

It has definitely cooled down around here and cozy holiday weather is upon us. If candles are a big part of your cozy vibe, we talked about how Bath & Body Works makes their candles yesterday and shared some silly candles from ALDI based on their customers’ favorite foods. Also rocking big cozy vibes, this guide to making a s’mores gift basket!

Speaking of the season, if you’re seeing teal pumpkins pop up in your neighborhood, here’s why.

And water cooler trivia? You know we have some. How about a two-for-Thursday focused on iconic monuments? On this day in 1886, The Statue of Liberty was dedicated in a ceremony overseen by President Grover Cleveland. Also on this day, in 1965, The Gateway Arch in St. Louis was completed.

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What’s the Difference Between Probiotics, Prebiotics, and Postbiotics?

Probiotics and prebiotics are words you’ve probably heard quite often, along with an increased focus on gut health. Postbiotics are a newer addition to the microbiome team, and they’ve become a research heaven for scientists worldwide. But what’s the difference between these three “biotics,” and what exactly can they do for you? Read More »

What’s the Deal with All These Teal Pumpkins?

Over the last few years, you might have noticed more and more homes have teal pumpkins on their porches come Halloween. It’s more than a decorating trend: It’s a movement to help kids with allergies have a safe Halloween. Read More »

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A S’mores Gift Basket Is the Perfect Gift This Year

Is there a better combination than graham crackers, chocolate, and marshmallows? A customizable s’mores kit is a fun way to take this classic treat to the next level! Read More »

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This DIY Washable Bath Paint Is Perfect for Kids

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Here’s When to See the Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn Alignment

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This Content Creator Re-creates Famous Food From Disney Films

If you’ve ever seen the food in Disney films and thought why can’t that be real, it turns out that it can be. A content creator is translated animated Disney food into real-life meals. Read More »

ALDI Launched Candles Based on Fan-Favorite Foods

ALDI shoppers are a loyal bunch, and with the store’s affordable finds, that’s not surprising. Now, the brand is turning to its fan base for its latest product launch. Read More »


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4 Cleaning Cloths That Are Less Expensive (and Probably Better) Than Apple’s

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Govee StarPal Light Review: Portable, Ambient Smart Lighting

Smart lights are some of the coolest, most useful smart home products you can buy. The biggest issue is that sometimes you want to take your smart lighting with you, and you can’t … most of the time, anyway. With Govee’s StarPal lights, that changes. Read More »

Wyze Launches an Affordable Smart Light Switch and Improved Smart Bulb

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