E-Commerce – Argo helps autonomous cars avoid cyclists, The latest Lenovo ThinkPad review, Chromecast + Pluto TV?, and more

It’s common knowledge that roads aren’t the safest place for cyclists, unfortunately. In an effort to remedy this, at least partially, autonomous car company Argo just set up new guidelines for how self-driving cars should interact with cyclists.

The company worked with The League of American Bicyclists to create the guidelines and hopes that other car companies will adopt them for the sake of safety. We took a look at each of the fascinating new guidelines in our top story, and there’s some really interesting content. Come peek at our top story to learn more!

Other Highlights:

I just reviewed Lenovo’s new ThinkPad X1 Extreme Gen 4, and have lots to say about the premium laptop.
Wow, you guys—Chromecast now integrates with Pluto TV, giving you hundreds of free channels. I can’t believe it!
Finally, a plant I can keep alive for once. The LEGO Botanical Sunflower set is here to brighten your day and not ask for anything in return. Not even water.
… and lots more! Just keep scrolly-scrollin’!
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Argo’s Latest Self-Driving Guidelines Will Save Cyclists’ Lives

Autonomous car company Argo AI just teamed up with The League of American Bicyclists (LAB) to set new guidelines for how self-driving cars should interact with cyclists. Argo AI hopes that other car companies will adopt these guidelines to improve road safety, though to be frank, we’re surprised that manufacturers haven’t already adopted such rules. Read More »

Here’s When Your Samsung Galaxy Will Get Android 12

The Samsung Galaxy Android 12 update, also known as One UI 4, first arrived on November 15th, 2021, for select Galaxy S21 models. Following months of beta testing by both Samsung and Google, the update is finally here for more devices. If you’re wondering when your Galaxy will get Android 12, this is what you need to know. Read More »

Your Chromecast Now Integrates Perfectly with Free Pluto TV

You can now access over 300 free Pluto TV channels from the Chromecast with Google TV’s integrated channel guide. Simply install Pluto TV on your device and visit the “Live” tab on your Google TV home screen to see the content alongside live channels from your other favorite services. Read More »

LEGO Botanical Sunflower Set Arrives, No Water Needed

The LEGO Botanical collection puts beautiful plants, flowers, and Bonsai trees in your house that you can’t kill. Now, LEGO is expanding its enchanting floral collection and watering the garden with its all-new LEGO Botanical Sunflower set. Read More »

Some Chromecast Owners Are Getting 6 Months of Netflix for Free

Since its October 2020 launch, Google has offered customers a Chromecast with Google TV and Netflix bundle. This bundle costs just $40 more than the standalone streaming stick and includes six months of Netflix. But oddly enough, some people who purchased the bundle are receiving an additional six months of Netflix for free. Read More »

Keep on Eye on Your Home and Yard with the Wyze Cam v3 Security Camera

Whether you’re looking for a new security camera to watch your front yard and driveway, or to monitor your pets and family while you’re away from home, the WYZE Cam v3 is a great pick. It works both indoors and outdoors, boasts full-color night vision via its Starlight Sensor and two-way audio, and even works with your favorite voice assistants, like Google Assistant and Alexa (and heck, even IFTTT if that’s your thing). The wired camera also has motion and sound detection, triggering it to start recording when it detects something and alert you, or you can set it to continuously record 24/7 onto a microSD card. No subscription is required and free cloud storage is included.

Get it at Amazon →

Get a New Amazon Fire Tablet for $35 During Today’s Sale

We’re just a few weeks away from Christmas, and chances are you’re still looking for some last-minute gifts. Thankfully, Amazon is running a killer sale on its latest Fire tablets, bringing products like the Fire 7 down to just $35. Read More »

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The iPad Air is one of the best tablets you can buy, so of course you want to keep it safe. Whether you’re looking for mild protection or military-grade armor, we’ll help you find the perfect case. Read More »

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