What’s Your Time Really Worth?

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The best copywriters in Canada are worth a lot! Sometimes you need to get over yourself and swallow your pride by doing some jobs you normally wouldn’t like… But, sometimes you can pay someone to do those jobs for you. 

This next paragraph will help you determine what jobs you should pay people to do and what jobs are better done by yourself in the beginning. Assuming you’re not already rich, because those people need read no further. They could write a book on this stuff. They’ve become masters over the years at delegating tasks for other people to do for them. And can then use that time to sometimes nap… but more often than not use it to take on more important and larger tasks/projects.   

With that said, let’s start.

Let us say the average lawn costs $50 to be mowed. And you make $20/hour. (Average where I’m from). And it takes both you, and the landscaper 10 minutes to cut your lawn. (Mind you he does it a little better.) 

Now if you mow the lawn yourself at 10 minutes a time, 6 times, it’ll cost you just 1 of your $20 hours. A measly $20.

While paying the landscaper $50 a job, for 6 jobs, would cost you a whopping $50 X6 or $300! 

Money saved? $280.

At this rate by doing it yourself, instead of the only other alternative, you would have saved enough to cover a nice $280 lawn-mower in just 6 mows. It’s all savings baby. A simple trick by the best copywriters in Canada. And you can work on increasing your hourly rate to the point where it’s actually affordable, or dare I say reasonable, to pay someone to do things for you!

Then again my Grandfather is wealthy enough to live away from home for 9 months of the year, but still refuses to pay someone to mow his lawn, unless it’s while he’s gone. Please note this doesn’t account for the better quality of service you’ll find working with professionals and specialists. And perhaps it would take you more time to learn the task than you’d see returned from its learning.

Or perhaps your physical capabilities make it near impossible. Whatever it is, this is just an example of one of the many everyday services people are paying for without fully understanding first, or taking the time-of-day to calculate. 

Time-of-day, which in turn saves you Time-Today, just like the best copywriters in Canada!


 Sometimes it is better to “mow the lawn yourself” until you have increased your hourly rate. And know when you are lying to yourself about doing things that aren’t as important as your brain might have you think. I know many Novelists who living in their mother’s basement find solace in their delusion of being a writer, that doesn’t make any money writing. Real writers know writing is probably half of the deal. That’s why you always hear of best-selling authors, and never best-writing ones.

I’m not saying you have to dictate your hourly rate, but I am saying if you don’t, someone else surely will. And you may not like the results.

I personally believe the world is moving from a job economy, toward a skills economy. And if you pay someone to do things per hour, they are just going to take longer on purpose. And quality stays the same. 

With that said I want you to determine your worth today. The basic rate of pay you are willing to be of service for.

Maybe you’re in 1 industry offering several services, maybe you’re in 2 industries with a foot in each door, or maybe you specialize in not only 1 industry but 1 service as well.

The latter can usually charge whatever they want because they’re the best. And always control their prices because who doesn’t want the best? Only the people who can’t afford it; and should be working on their hourly rate anyway. 😉


I was personally always scared of specializing and getting laid off, but now that I have my own business and employees I know finding my niche will be my ticket/key to the Big Buck Show, where I can then help even more people than I do today. And delegate even more tasks. I’m a strong believer in the old adage that goes something along the lines of; He who knows everything, knows nothing. Or; He who is good at everything, is good at nothing.  Now, the only thing about specializing that scares me is doing so in something that doesn’t bring me joy. (Like writing for the coffin sales industry). Talk about closing a sale.

best copywriters in Canada.

So go and try it today!

Make a list, on average of how much people will pay you, to do what exactly. And at what rate you’ll be more than obliged to perform those tasks. 


Mackenzie Andres. 


Founder | Writer

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