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Best copywriters in Canada

Then I decided to become one of the best copywriters in Canada!

Six months ago I was writing essays for students on Fiverr.

Three months ago I was banned for taking too much cash and clients from the platform… If there is anything Fiverr hates, it’s people who value their time and work.

One month ago, I quit my day job to become a full-time writer.

…Here are some of the steps I took to get there!


The bane of Man is by far his balls (I cannot speak for women). Once you’ve found a partner that’s healthy for you, it not only saves you all the time you wasted trying to “meet people” or “put yourself out there”. It gives you another reason to wake up in the morning. And another reason to give back to the world. And if your partner is really healthy for you, you’ll find they won’t let you sit in any of your “crap” or negativity. Even if bringing you out can sometimes cause fights or tension to erupt, you can find comfort in knowing they’re doing this to help you.

“Get your significant other, to drive you to work. Even if you work from home…”


Every business in the world wants to increase its revenue and sell more product.
So I made it my mission to first; learn how to do that. And second; learn how to sell that. Both of which I’m continually working at everyday until the point of mastery and beyond. *Whatever and whenever that is*
Don’t get caught up in that “money makes you greedy” stuff. People who say that almost always have no money.

Just remember where you come from, and remain humble in your confidence.

If your life is a road trip; and your Goals are the vehicle, then your Ego is the fuel, and your Humility the directions.

But you can’t just go to whoever has the most money. You’ve got to find who needs you. For me I have to find people who need copywriters. And prove to them I can make an impact in and for their business. Once you’ve proven that, trust me; people just can’t pull out their wallets fast enough!

to become one of the best copywriters in Canada.


If we’re digging a hole and that hole is a monetary/scale representation of our career, then we want that hole to be pretty big don’t we?
Let’s say the deeper you dig is specializing, and the broader you dig is reaching different markets/audiences. We know and have learnt that specializing makes us more cash in the end. But how are you going to dig 10 or 20 feet deep, if you only start with a hole 1 or 2ft in diameter?
I’ve dug a few holes in my days. And if I’ve learned anything doing so, it’s that; going wider makes it WAY easier to go deep. (Unless you’re a boring machine. In which case kudos for reading this boring machine! But I think you’re specialized enough).


Most people like being comfortable. They hate moving from their comfort zones. But very seldom, if almost never, do we see the people who leave their comfort zones regret doing so.
I remember going hiking as a kid. And being unable to grasp why anyone would willingly want to walk uphill when we have these things called cars…
I dreaded every moment until we finally reached the hike, only to lose myself in nature everytime.

How It Works…

Recently I moved away from the community I grew up in… and most importantly my parents house…
I thought I was saving money on rent by living at home but it turns out I was just holding myself back.

Remember that Uncle Ben quote from Spiderman? “With great power, comes great responsibility?” I think it can work in reverse aswell; “With great responsibility, comes great power.”

And I wanted to share that with you all today in hopes that you too, might get paid to live out your dreams.


Mackenzie Andres.


Founder | Head of Copy

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