What can the Food-Chain Teach us about Capitalism?

dock holding fishing rod

If you’re a business just starting out you will need to understand how the best copywriters in Canada think. You’ll be wanting to grow as big and as strong as you can before taking on the ‘Big Leagues.’

It’s a Fish eat Fish World; The Ocean of Business, and if you don’t first gain your strength by eating your fill in the shallows, the ‘Big Open’ is going to swallow you up like a guppy. 

*Warning this analogy has many Fish references*

Let’s say you’re a Salmon, newborn in the freshwater streams, innocent and unaware –All you know is there’s a lot of competition out there, and everyone is eating,  whatever they come across, be it toxic or healthy.

Now, you’re a smarter Fish and ready to become one of the best copywriters in Canada. You know what to eat. You know how to swim. But there can only be 2 outcomes for the Smart Fish… in this vicious would of Fish Business.  

  1. You (The Smart Fish) in your confidence or rather hubris swim on downstream to the big open, where you’re quickly bombarded by all sorts of monstrous creatures and natural hazards you had no previous clue existed! You thought you were a ‘Big Fish’ and maybe you were, in your own pond. But out here you’re so small the big guys just swim right over you without even seeing you. That’s right, instead of swallowing you up in one gulp, like they know they could. They swim right over you barely registering your presence on their radar… A pitiful feeling at best. You’d almost rather be eaten! But you’ve lost all hope of going back upstream. Your gills won’t even process the freshwater streams that once carried you here, they’ve so adapted to the salt. 

You know you’ve improved insofar as you can’t go back to where you came from as that place no longer sustains or sates your current needs and desires. With that improvement you find a new confidence. It’s sink or swim here. You know you have two choices; find a new way to compete, or die.

  1. You (again The Smart Fish) in your curiosity and yearn to learn and grow; eat all that you can before taking on the ‘Big Open’. You eat almost everything in sight as long as you know it’s right and healthy. Because you’ve watched other fish of your kind grow to such proportions as no possible freshwater fish could flex on. You want to be like those fish. Those Fish are the Businesses that other fish (other people) buy into, before even taking off. Those fish are the fish who other fish come to with pebbles and shrimps and all other sorts of wonderful fish currency. Be like those fish. There’s a chorus to a pop song I forgot the name of that goes; “TAKE YOUR TIME. DO IT RIGHT.” 

If that’s true for the ancient and time enduring species that is; Fish; which even we’re said to have once descended from – The intelligent and almighty Human! –Then what is to be learned from 350 Million years of spiritual and physical evolution, except that time-telling lesson of; “TAKE YOUR TIME. DO IT RIGHT.” 

The latter lyrics go as follows; “WE CAN DO IT BA-BY. WE CAN DO IT TO-NIGHT!” and I think that’s just perfect. The timelessly proven fact that if you truly;





But back to the fishes. Fish #1 still has a chance, but the fishes all have their doubts on his faring so far from the cove and question if he is even still out there. Whilst fish #2 sends back some of his follower fish on the daily, for updates from the ‘Big Open ’and how they might better prepare themselves for the journey ahead. 

What Fish do you think the high-achievers and high-believers from upstream will seek out once they’re ready to take on the ‘Big Open?’

 Fish #1 or Fish #2?


Mackenzie Andres.


Founder | Head of Copy


P.S. I like to subject all my analogies to an arbitrary theme of discourse, to allow all forms and concepts to take root and then grow that possibly can in the minds of their readers. This allows for both creative minds, and realistic, to meld together in capturing all they can from a prospective, piece of art, literature, lesson, or discourse.  

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