How Robots Create More Jobs Than They Kill

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All too often we see people saying ‘that machine is taking peoples jobs‘. From assembly line automatons yesterday, to self-checkout systems today.

Examples in history are not hard to find if we take a closer look. The industrial age had them. The digital age has them. Heck, even the stone age had them when people began using tools to kill ever larger animals for food, while the people who didn’t adapt themselves to the new technology were still stuck snacking on small sized rodents.

But, you bet your bottom that someone likely said in caveman speak ‘what is Rodi the rodent catcher going to do, now that we eat Mammoth all day!’

Over the eons automation has always served for the most part our best interest. Beyond the deus ex machina and Terminatorstyle takes society loves to make. It frees our time for cooler, more satisfying, and purposeful jobs, one might feel more are more accomplishing as they cannot be completed by a robot. Take for example my two friends that work as powerlinemen for a living. Those are the guys that climb the 50 Foot poles in Canadian Winters and withstand the storms all hours of the day and night, proud to bring power to the people they serve –Literally.

Food for Thought…

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When we pass Calgary’s new and iconic Telus Sky building that plays its display of colourful lights throughout the night, they have said more than once how proud they were to be a part of that projects installation. If we are truly honest with ourselves nobody wants to be a cashier or an assembly line worker for their whole life… Robots taking jobs means more people will be pushed to advance their careers, and thus, new positions will be opened up to fit such want for advanced placement.

Many economists and social scientists are starting to see a move away from wage-working and more toward skill-working. Meaning we are seeing less people paid by the hour now, than we ever have before. Instead, business owners are realizing that pay-per-job is the way of the future. And the future is going to have a higher demand for quality and art, than it will for timeliness and efficiency.

So, in the words…

Robots need jobs too!

~ Cheers,

Mackenzie Andres


Founder | Head of Copy


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