Why You Need to Stop Working for Money Today!

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You must rid yourself of any thinking that you are working for money. You are working to serve. And you serve because you enjoy it. People come to your service because they enjoy that you enjoy it. And they give you money, then tell their friends. Who line up with more money. And that’s how people get rich.

People with the ‘money first attitude’ often have no money. This is because money cannot be harvested. It can be planted. But that is different. Success is stagnant, failure is not.

Success; a dead end. Failure; a hero’s journey.

You probably know many people who are pre-occupied with reasons why they need more money, instead of occupying that ever limited brain space we all have with ways as to how they can make more money!

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This is the function of the blind and the ignorant. They don’t stop to think how others might see them, maybe because they don’t care. They throw chickens at Platonists, and think themselves in their cynicism ahead of ten-thousand years of human spiritual experience and cultivation. Maybe because they’ve been hurt by others. Maybe they think their god hurt them, whatever it is they see that the world owes them some debt that the world never signed. And in their minds they build up this imaginative debt into what would almost construct as a mental legal document!

Have you Done your Duty?

It’s then real to them, the world owes them this… and this, and that, and if it isn’t handed to them at their demand like a kid who wants candy (who of course doesn’t understand how money works… or the consequences of getting to much money for free), they will take it from those who have it. For very few people choose to traverse the path of success for it is filled with failures, hardships, calamities, but most of all, and by far the most sinister of the bunch; temptations.

So rid yourself of any thinking that you are working for money. Focus on Service and the money will follow.

~ Cheers,

Mackenzie Andres


Founder | Head of Copy

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