Building A Taste For The Finer Things: Why? & How?

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This isn’t a blog about buying that Ferrari you probably can’t afford with the bank’s money who wishes they would, and has even gifted you with the perfectly legal yet morally questionable means of doing so. This is a blog about QUALITY, about 5-star hotels, Michelin star restaurants, family-farms, and friendly barbers, local pubs, and private jets…

The Point we can all learn is…

What we won’t talk about is the vast gaps in wealth between plebeian and patrician, lower and upper classes. That often saw themselves established in both feudalistic and imperial Nations and Kingdoms. For the Romans exploitation of slaves, had little, if anything to do with their economic uprising, as it might have our contrasting cousins of the modern empire the United-States. The Romans came to conquer almost half the known world as a product of their taste for the FINER THINGS.

Trevi Fountain in Rome, Italy

Because Roman slaves were usually prisoners of war, never really debased for their racial heritage or ethnicity, and could even buy themselves their freedom in some cases. They worked alongside the head-engineers and craftsmen in building infrastructures like road. Which today, the ol’ Romans are still famous for, barracks, stables. And yes, (in memory of the Greeks they so blatantly culture-copied) stages. Only these stages were set with walls and fortified more similar to our modern arenas. So the Roman’s might let a lion or two fight some prisoners… They liked that stuff… We still like it too in-fact, we’ve just universally decided to move it to television.

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But back to Building a taste for the finer things.

A Mark Zimmerman comment from a Quora thread quotes most simplistically the dualities that paradigm the Finer Things cliche:

I am not saying money is evil quite the contrary actually, I am not saying material objects are evil or bad, they are nice to have, what I am saying though is what does all the money in the world give you if you don’t have the time to appreciate it, the flip side is what would all the time in the world bring you if you are penniless, wondering how you are going to get your next meal.

So first define what the are the finer things in life for you, if it is only material things you will surely not be happy, and will have many regrets. However material things have their perks, when your relationship or something else devastates you you will find the seat of a 150k Mercedes feels 100x better than the steps of any cold back alley entrance in the middle of the night.

So don’t let yourself get caught up with other peoples expectations figure out what it is you want in life, you might find your finer things have little to do with actual material goods and more to do with inner strength or other ties to family or friends that make enjoying their company worth more than eating a $100 steak. I have eaten one and I admit the flavour was good but the one I ate with some friends that we cooked on a grill tasted so much better.”

Focus on Your Own Strategy

Find out what the FINER THINGS are for you. Set the bar, and make the upmost effort to hit that bar, and then raise it and aim higher. The FINER THINGS, are after all, about raising your standards. Because there will always be something FINER. And once you’ve raised your standards bar your starting point is also conversely raised. And the threshold on which you fall back, upon your next failure, is going to be far higher than where you fell upon the last times fail.

In other words even your fails are going to get FINER.

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