If You’re Not Doing THIS, Your Company’s Copy Probably SUCKS..

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The best copywriters… well, all good ones anyway! Serve to fulfil one purpose with their copy. That purpose? To get the readers to actually read the first sentence!

Well, then what is the point of the first sentence?

To get the reader to read the second sentence!

And so on, and on, all the way down the slippery slide that is your offer, finally leading them to the beautiful lovely lagoon at the bottom that is your sale. (Yes I am relating jungle-themed water parks to copywriting).

13 Tips on How To Get Your Copy There:

Write it down, and then rip it apart with this proven copywriting formula, that we’ve used to scale everything from $100 dollar a day ads to simple social media posts at TBB:

  1. Headline (The most important part!)
  2. Shocking Statement (Why do think it’s called a hook/lead/intro?)
  3. Define The Problem (Remember, pain sells more than pleasure. Learn just why here)
  4. Agitate (Make them really want to fix that problem. I mean really!)
  5. Now, Present Your Solution (How you can help exactly)
  6. Bullets points or Quotes to Stir Curiosity (What we call stirring the pot…)
  7. Credibility Statement (Why you, what makes you so special? Avoid talking about yourself up until this point)
  8. Proof (Go ahead and prove it. Screenshots, testimonials, whatever you got, Show, don’t tell)
  9. Sum Up Offer & Price (This is your pitch but by no means is it your closer, unless they are already sold. The only reason we write anymore than this is to close the sale with any potential stragglers or further persuade any still on-the-fence shoppers)
  10. Bonuses & Pot Sweeteners (Okay, you’ve stirred the pot now it’s time to add some sugar and see what settles)
  11. Guarantee (How can new customers trust you? Refunds? Returns? Satisfaction guarantees?)
  12. Call-To-Action (Basically a second headline. Crafting your CTA is super important)
  13. P.S. (Insert a funny or brand building message that resonates with your copy here in your postscript)

This is The Block Bard’s basic copywriting formula.

After incorporating all 13 steps you will be able to determine where and in which parts your copy is lacking. That’s the power of following some simple tips from the best copywriters in Calgary 2 years in a row:

  • A strong, compelling headline is so critical.
  • Immediately focusing on the reader’s benefit is a must.
  • You must back up everything you’ve said with social proof.

And always remember to stay true to your message, and write with your target audiences heart’s in mind. That’s the only way one can play on their heartstrings, which is after all the function of any great piece of poetry or writing, be it sales-copy or political essays.


Mackenzie Andres


Founder | Head of Copy

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