Watch Interview To See How CLIENT Went From $1800/mo to $16k in One Month As a Copywriter

How Client Name Went From $1800/mo to $16k in One Month As a Copywriter

I’ve had so much great feedback on my interview with Client Name so I HAD to make sure you got the chance to watch it too.

And for good reason… this dude has a pretty epic success story.

Client Name was a professional pole vaulter who, a bit over a year ago, knew NOTHING about copywriting, digital marketing or business.

Yet last month in October, Client Name collected $16,670 cash from his freelance copywriting clients.

He’d never been able to crack more than $2k in a month before that so to say that October was explosive for him would be the understatement of the century lol.

Naturally, as soon as I heard this, I had to interview the guy and find out exactly what caused a 9x explosion in income in a single month.

In the interview, we covered:

  • How Client Name became a copywriting pro for FREE, without taking a single course
  • Why mastering the client-getting process is only half of the game (and the other half that catapulted Client Name from $1800/mo to $16,670 in one month)
  • Why niching down is the secret to making big money in this game
  • The niche ‘sweet spot’ (most freelancers royally fvck this up and go too broad or too narrow)
  • The exact step by step method Client Name used to find and close all of his clients
  • How to follow up in a way that’s non-needy (and actually works to land the client)
  • The unsuspecting social media platform where a GOLDMINE of high-quality prospects are hiding in plain sight (hint: not Facebook)
  • Client Name‘s ‘5-Star Qualification Checklist’ to quickly filter out low-tier prospects that can’t afford his services and reveal only cream of the crop clients
  • The minimum number of hours a week you need to be putting in to actually get your copywriting business off the ground (this is why 90% of freelancers fail)

And what I think is most impressive is that Client Name started with literally zero copywriting skills in August last year…

And he honestly believed that quote “there’s no way this could work for me.”

So if Client Name could do it…

You get the picture 😉

Watch our interview to find out how:

How Client Name Went From $1800/mo to $16k in One Month As a Copywriter

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