BREAKING: Massive Amazon outage takes down Alexa, Disney Plus and more

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Major Amazon outage hits Alexa, Disney Plus, Ring, PUBG and more

Amazon Web Services, the web hosting service that runs 33% of the internet, went down today, affecting everything from Disney Plus to League of Legends. As of sending this newsletter, AWS is still down. Amazon has yet to give an update on when things should be back online.Full Story: LINK
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This huge Xbox Series X game will make you want an SSD upgrade right away

Video games are certainly getting larger every generation. And even the 1TB of storage found on the Xbox Series X might only be large enough for a handful of games. This is most evidenced by Stalker 2: Heart of Chernobyl, an upcoming title that will take up 180GB of storage.Full Story: LINK
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Cheaper MacBook Pro with M2 power just tipped to launch in 2022

Even though the MacBook Pro with M1 Pro and M1 Max just came out, we’re already hearing rumors on what a 2022 iteration could bring. Right now, Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman posits that we’ll see the M2 chip, which should be a jump from last year’s M1.Full Story: LINK
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This is the only workout app I use — and you should, too

Sweat is a workout app that’s made just for women. Our fitness editor Jane McGuire reviews Sweat and explains why it’s the only workout app she uses.Full Story: LINK
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How to keep cats out of the Christmas tree — and put a stop to Santa Claws

Christmas trees are going up, which means cats are eager to cause havoc. Our homes editor Katie Mortram has tips on how to keep your cat out of the Christmas tree.Full Story: LINK
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Hawkeye episode 5 rumor teases arrival of major villain

Hawkeye is the latest superhero series on Disney Plus. And for those watching, this rumor teases a major villain.Full Story: LINK
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