How To Plan Your Day


You’re likely already aware that some of the best copywriters in Canada plan out their day from start to finish. This doesn’t mean they’re robots confined to the laws of duty, they’ve just found their necessity and backed it with discipline in the form of routine and structured habits, otherwise known as “hard systems.”

Soft systems are those where creatives thrive and the robot is nowhere in sight. Systems that require a different method or approach when engaging and visualizing an outcome. To-do lists don’t have to be that complicated. But this “Planning Procedure” I’m about to share with you is no mere “To-do list.”

This “Planning Procedure” will;

  • Promote your priorities.
  • Define your deadlines. 
  • Deduct your unproductive hours.  
  • Free your free-time.
  • Help you take command of your own life.
  • Make you feel like a BOSS.

…and more!

  1. Set and Have Goals that are Challenging yet Attainable.

Find out how you can and will include these goals in your to do list. Whether your goal is to have 50 clients signed come Christmas, or have 50 pages written come next month by the 1st, these goals need to have a place in your everyday life, or at the least your everyday week. 

(E.g. If my publisher wants 100 poems in 6 months time, I need to write 2 poems a week to have it done by then and actually give them a proper due date. I set this goal because I’m a slow writer, and don’t like to push my creativity. But I also need a deadline to push my unproductivity.)

  1. Set, Set-in-Stone Deadlines.

If your deadlines aren’t set in a metaphorical stone tablet, how can you expect to follow them and keep yourself aware of times you may be veering off-track? Set deadlines that follow the first rule. 

(E.g. I need to deliver x project by x date, because x person needs this done before y person.)

  1. Make the Night Before a Simple, yet Clear and Concise; Bullet List.

You don’t want to forget what it is you remembered doing the day before, or last-night in your dreamstate, or even worse, finding out you wrote it down in such a rush your list says something along the lines of “get that thingy.” Write it as clear as you need, to get the optimal efficiency from your time when referring back.   

  1. Carry Over each unfinished task.

You didn’t finish everything on your list today? That’s a good thing, it means you’ve set challenging goals for yourself just like the best copywriters in Canada.

I try to get at least 80% of my task list done everyday, and I think that’s a great number for balance. Generally we would want to add more challenges, after seeing such a high success rate but the very task of crossing off a task from your list will feel as though it’s an accomplishment in and of itself. And this will allow you to accomplish more.

  “Without a sense of urgency, desire loses its value.” – Jim Rohn 

So go start your “Planning Procedure/To-Do List” tonight! And see just how much your performance skyrockets.

And remember:

“Action without planning, has no chance at spanning.”  –MLA


Mackenzie Andres


Writer | Founder 

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