Why I Left Politics To Write

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Well I didn’t. But that got your attention didn’t it?

I actually realized after months of arduous door-to-door campaigning and fake smile training that what politicians of Western democracies were actually practicing wasn’t the political science taught in elite universities, but rather a modern machiavellian spin on societal issues (or rather their political stance on such systemic issues). You see, bi-partisanship is great for democracies. That means; when there is 2 main parties (like the USA). But what about tri-partisanship? Or quad-partisanship?

The only ‘part-of-this-shit’ people want is the one that compliance practitioners and social scientists haven’t scared them away from. In other words, it would seem the strategies implemented by psychological persuasion are far for effective in politics than even advertising. Which is why I became one of them. I had to see what made such people so successful in politicing.

To become a bureaucrat I had to start a business, to become a leader I had to hire a team. To persuade people to take action with, and from my words, I had to become a copywriter. Now I miss the mountains, a garage, and working with my hands…

But nonetheless find fun in my work, and otherwise wouldn’t be doing it!

Their Ways of The Word…

  • They leverage influencers to draw crowds. 

Campaign endorsements from actors and influencers can swing an entire vote depending on its demography. If used right, these influencers help campaigners persuade voters without even understanding or comprehending whoever’s message it is they are voting for. 

  • They go completely off-topic to keep your attention in online rallies. 

Listening to hour-long speeches can be dull (scratch that, it usually is dull). Plus, the absence of social pressure in online events can make it even more tempting to disconnect. 

By alternating between speeches and concerts, et cetera, virtual rallies can ensure their audience is hooked throughout the entire event. 

In conclusion they know fully well what they are doing, and although it may seem off course at times, everything has an agenda.

“The ends justifies the means.” –Niccolò Machiavelli’s The Prince

~ Cheers,

Mackenzie Andres


Founder | Head of Copy


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