How To Change Your Reputation: 6 Steps to Becoming the Best YOU

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Changing your reputation is key to success anywhere at anytime. A couple years ago, I not only found myself so lazy I dropped out of high-school… I was so into partying and being an obnoxious teenager that I lost an entire year of my life when my parents checked me into a 12-Step Addictions Centre.

Fast forward a few years, I was able to get a position in politics, (my dream at the time) finish my G.E.D. and get into college where I again dropped out…

Only this time it was to start a business!

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Step 1: Accept Yourself

The first step I needed to take which was awfully similar to the first step in Alcoholics Anonymous was accepting myself, and coming to terms with who I was before I could change anything. You can’t change what you don’t know. So in order to really learn myself I had to deconstruct the thick protective walls my ego had sealed me in behind.

I learned why I had accepted being treated so lowly… because at least I felt accepted.

Today, no one has the power to make me feel accepted. Because I am my own person, with my own cadence, and my own journey.

And I will seek expertise and advice from specialists, yes. But acceptance can only come from within, from the self.

Remember: “What you do is more important than what you say.”

Step 2: Find Your Passion

Make a list of all your talents and interests, read over it carefully and find what niches or industries best suit said skills.

I was terrible with numbers and the school system made me feel stupid for this, which in turn, affected my grades on every other aspect of school. What they didn’t tell me was that people who were worse at analytical skills ranked higher in creative skills like leadership, art, and humanities subjects.

But once you’ve found your branch of passion, it’s pretty hard to leave that tree entirely. You may branch off from time to time but more or less will find significant reason and spiritual power in pursuing a higher purpose.

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Step 3: Get in Shape

There seems to be this cliche that people in good physical shape are in worse mental shape. I think that could’t be farther from wrong.

Socrates and Plato, some of the world’s greatest thinkers and teachers of Aristotle; the founder of modern science will tell you that it is an insult to life itself to go through it without reaching your full physical potential.

“No man has the right to be an amateur in physical training. It is a shame for man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.”

– Socrates.

I think we can take this a step further in the 21st century to of course include women in there as well.

And some of the most disciplined, intelligent and kind souls I have ever met, are in sports or the gym.

Step 4: Do Not Do What You Think is Wrong

I left politics after years of studies when I found out the only good democratic politician is one that can woo a crowd, instead of one who actually stands for something. Something I strongly disagreed with, to the point where it was eating me up at night and ruining my sleep…

They say ‘democracy stops the moment the ballot hits the box.’

But I had to experience this first hand to truly see for myself.

Funny, I should leave politics to instead get into an industry where I’m directly responsible for persuading people to buy products, versus vie for their votes…

But hey, at least we get to choose our clients!

Step 5: See Yourself as The Person You Want To Become

In other words, Fake it till you make it!

No one would’ve hired me to be in their political party as a high-school drop out unless I believed in myself so hard that they had to as well.

No one would hire me as a copywriter to write ads for their business unless I actually felt in my soul like I could write them better ads and emails.

This is the best way to overcome the experience dilemma.

In the worlds best book for quitting smoking. Alan Carr says you must see yourself as a non-smoker before you even quit…

In reality, he says this is in fact the number 1 way to quit.

Imagine you love smoking and every-time someone has one you are grinding your teeth in angst. Not very healthy right? In fact, I bet that person will be smoking again in no-time.

However what if instead you’re mind says, ‘eww that stinks, I can’t believe I use to inhale that stuff, so gross!’

Which one do you think is going to have a stronger sobriety? The one going against the grains his neurological paths for years have formed? Or the one who create new synapses and connects smoking with unpleasant and undesirable things?

In James Clear’s; Atomic Habits.

He says you can QUIT anything using these 4 methods:

  1. Make It Invisible
  2. Make It Hard
  3. Make It Unattractive
  4. Make It Unsatisfying

He also says these methods are reversible if you wish to START anything

  1. Make It Obvious
  2. Make It Easy
  3. Make It Attractive
  4. Make It Satisfying

“Environment often matters more than discipline.”

–James Clear’s Atomic Habits.
Step 6: Don’t Let Anyone Get in Your Way, Especially Losers…

Losers often have the most opinions because it hurts them to see you succeed basically anywhere when they can’t even succeed at a certain thing. This is why most teachers will laugh when you tell them your going to start a 6-figure business or write a best-selling book, simply because they are spiteful they cannot–or rather believe they cannot, do it themselves. But the only reason they can’t, is actually because they listened to people who told them they couldn’t.

Success can be defined as the progressive realization of any worthy ideal.

“Just so long as you can be talked out of yourself, you deserve to be.”

– Alan Watts.


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