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Strategy for Success is Andres’ first solo published works.

After reading the world’s most renowned and best-selling self-help books. He’s taken the most-important and stand-out principles, and formulated them into a 54 page Simple but Effective Strategy for Success.

Why would he do this? It’s no doubt a team like Dale Carnegie and Napoleon Hill could explain these principles far better than he ever could. However Andres would argue that reading 10 books that contain mostly the same principles is not the best use of your time. Unless you are still trying to instill in the mind, their subconscious manifestation.

The principles in these chapters are written about in extents extending thousands of pages. But your time is money!

And since he’s always seen himself a slow reader, he took what was originally 20,000 words, boiled it down with the help of some amazing editors and philosophy students and contained it within 11,000 words of only the best information.

EXCERPT from the first few pages of A Simple But Effective Strategy for Success™

The Strategy for Success outline will help you organize the responsibility you feel toward improving the lives of both yourself and those around you. It will teach you the importance of faith, self inventory, confidence, planning, communicating, relationships, and more. It will teach you how to manifest those traits in your daily life, and even, I’m not kidding… In your dreams.   

Think of your mind as a camera, and you the master photographer.

We are going to be training our subconscious mind for the next, well… rest of our lives to become the best copywriters in Calgary. Most people are aware that when things come into picture from ‘out of the blue’, they come from the subconscious mind and make their way forward into the ‘fore’-conscious, or regular conscious. But what if I told you that there was a way to manufacture your own subconscious thoughts by reversing this process. By bringing the visualizations in the forefront of your mind to the back of it. Almost like getting a snapshot with a very expensive camera (your brain) by a very renown photographer (you).

Let’s elaborate

Once the photographer has taken that photo (and they will have to take several), depending on their [your] skill level, they will take multiple snaps of the same image from different angles, until that picture (thought) has manifested its reality as a part of your mind, then soul, and finally body.

Together, these habits form a strategy far more powerful than the sum of their parts. The habits laid out in these next few pages could easily extend into a lengthy novel topping thousands of words. But I know that time is valuable, and I too know that many of these tactics are rendered useless unless they are implemented alongside a structured disciplinary strategy – this is that strategy.”

A Simple But Effective Strategy for Success: The Ultimate Guide To Growing, Leading, and Managing Your Life and Businesses

Strategy for Success™
© January, 2021

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This book is written in simple english for not-so-simple people.

With Andres having a background in Classical History and Political Philosophy, as well as a career in Sales-Writing and Leadership… you can expect this read to contain numerous historical references, engaging rhetoric and controversial questions ready for you to put to practical use today.


You’ll also impress your friends, family and co-workers, by seeming to have more motivation and discipline than anyone else lacking these 10 simple steps.

Get The Advantage Only 10,000+ people have across the globe right now…

DISCLAIMER: Andres is the Founder of The Block Bard Group of Companies™ as well as a Marketing Consultant for several 7-Figure brands and businesses across Canada. He also hosts and helped create: The World’s Largest Classics Archive™ & The World’s Largest Swipe File

*Please note however that none of the information in this book should be taken as legal business advice*

A Simple But Effective Strategy for Success

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