Men’s Fitness: I haven’t tracked calories or macros in over 4 years.

I haven’t tracked calories or macros in 4 years.

I was a complete neurotic with my nutrition from 2014- 2016.

I’d weigh out my food on a scale.

Miss social events.

And basically wonder around like a fitness zombie.

Eventually I had enough.

I was missing out on life and my results to show for it were not even that impressive.

I was sick and tired of the neuroticism and obsessive tracking followed by feelings of shame and upset every time I fell off the program.

The self talk during those times was not good.

I started looking into intuitive eating and mindful eating habits but struggled to strike a balance.

It was a rocky road of trial and terror to say the least.

There were a few times where I thought I would have to go back into fitness zombie mode just to get the results I wanted.

I didn’t give up.

Eventually I began to adopt protocols and guidelines built on habits and patterns that made staying within my caloric and macronutrient needs automatic WITHOUT TRACKING a single thing.

Now i’m not saying that keeping a food journal at least once in your life is a bad thing.

But for my clients that have already developed the type of awareness that comes from tracking for short periods are now thriving on my “No Diet Protocol”

Right now I’m looking to bring on 5 men who are tired of the same old neurotic fitness patterns but still want to level up that last 5%.

Reply “Interested” if you wanna learn more about my protocol that helps you lose body fat, build muscle and build sustainable habits that I have personally adopted

PS. I’m not saying food tracking is horrible. This protocol works best for seasoned dieters who are ready to live while also achieving radical results.

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