Writer’s guilt and slimy hairballs…

How do you feel when people say you have have to write every day to be successful?

​Do you:

A) Wanna slap them in the face with one of those gross, guinea-pig-sized hairballs you find clogging up the shower tray. 🐹

B) Leap out of bed ready to bust out 9,500 words with the excitement of a hedgehog meeting a pineapple. 🦔

I’m willing to bet your answer is, A, right?

For the last year or so I’ve posed this question to thousands of copywriters just like you.

And I’d say 95% of responses are these exact words:

And I couldn’t agree more with them,

Because in my eight-plus years as a copywriter, I certainly DID NOT write every single day.

Sure, I pinged out emails, scribbled down to-do lists and tapped out text messages galore.

But I rarely sat down on my orange vinyl work chair with the intention of bettering my writing skills.

Rarely, meaning… um, NEVER.

Shock horror, right?

More often than not I was feeling guilty for not writing more.

…Guilty for not actively pursuing my craft.

…Guilty for letting procrastination beat me.

…Guilty for enviously eyeing all those copywriters I admired, and…


But here’s the thing: if I’d paid attention to the mantra ‘you need to write every day to be successful’, I wouldn’t be writing this to you today.

I’d have given up on my copywriting career the millisecond discouragement set in.

Because that advice completely ignores the fact that the human brain NEEDS clear, ultra specific, stimulating goals in order to act with motivation.

So what DID I do to advance my writing skills, you ask!

How did I do to go from untrained newbie to comfortable copywriter with a waiting list of super clients?

I’ll tell you tomorrow.

The answer may be more surprising + encouraging than you think.

Talk soon,

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