Men’s Fitness Coaching Program– New Year Beta Launch

New Years Beta Launch So I’m thinking of putting together 5-10 busy guys who want to go into 2022 with a fire in their bellies, feeling revitalized and powerful, This will be for you if you want to drop between 12 and 24+ lbs in 12-16 weeks and you want to get your vigor, energy,Continue reading “Men’s Fitness Coaching Program– New Year Beta Launch”

Life Coaching 2021: Thank you, Prospect Name

Hi Prospect Name, Your Name here. I wanted to personally thank you for joining ____________ last weekend… It was so special for us to be with you live and reflect back on so many magic moments from _______________, and share some of our most transformational moments from my favorite event – _______________. When the worldContinue reading “Life Coaching 2021: Thank you, Prospect Name”

Get Great Copywriting Clients: November

Hey legend! As you may have heard, I’m starting a new case study group for November, looking to take 10 more freelancers to $5k/mo by Xmas. I’m looking for a few specific people, so if you… 1. Are a freelance copywriter or closer (or wanna learn and become one) 2. Making at least $2k/mo (job included)Continue reading “Get Great Copywriting Clients: November”