Marketing vs. Copywriting: Plus 8 Need-To-Know Industry Terms

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All copywriters are in a sense marketers, but not all marketers are copywriters.

Take for example the loads of lingo you need to know and be aware of in the marketing scene if you’re to even work with them smoothly, let alone successfully.

And as a copywriter entirely focused on the message, I like to leave the statistics and scaling to someone more numerically-minded (e.g. marketers).

But these marketers aren’t always blessed with the social swagger of us copywriters 😉

Important Terms for Copywriters:

Some of the terms foreign to regular writers but need-to-know’s for copywriters are as follows:

  • CTA’s: call to actions. (This is your main button, or bottom-line, meant to entice people to take action)
  • A/B: split tests. (These are used to get a better feel for what your audience likes. Yet you can split test anything from different headlines on the same blog, to different colours to see which works better for whatever purpose you’re promoting)
  • TOF: top of funnel. (This is where you see a brand new company’s ad for the first time)
  • MOF: middle of funnel. (This is where you happen to see that same company’s ad but a different version. This one is quite often focused more on their brand/product, and if their marketing is good how said brand or product can benefit you specifically)
  • BOF: bottom of funnel. (This is where you’ll find the most urgency to take action, most often by means of FOMO [see below]
  • FOMO: fear of missing out. (Showcased by limited time only offers, early bird specials, and countdown timers)
  • BA: brand awareness. (These are ads depicting the brand and its overall message, rather than their product or offer. Hence, meant to build trust, these work best for cold audiences)
  • ROAS: return on ad spend. (This measures the amount of revenue earned per dollar spent on advertising)

And the list goes on… but this is a blog, not a dictionary.

To explain it best and in the simplest terms the biggest difference between copywriting and marketing; is that the copywriter writes the ad, and the marketer chooses when, for how long, and to whom it goes out to!


Mackenzie Andres


Founder | Head of Copy

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