SEO SaaS: Clean up your content in no time with these 6 tips 🧹

Clean up your content with these 6 tips

Keeping up with your site can be hard. It doesn’t matter how often you add new content: it’s always important to keep an overview of your collection of posts and pages. But how? You’ll need to keep an eye on your older content as well! Cleaning this up can be quite overwhelming, so prevention and regular content maintenance are key. Here are 6 tips for a good content maintenance strategy!

Sounds like quite a lot of work, right? Luckily, Our Service comes with many tools that’ll help you spend minimal time on this! Like the _____________, __________________, and ________. You could do everything manually, but think of how many hours you could save by letting Our Service help!

Improving the content SEO fitness of your site

So, keeping your website alive and kicking takes quite a bit of work. Old content needs to be updated, your internal linking strategy needs to stay top-notch and you’ll have to do keyword research regularly. Keeping up with all that is what we like to call SEO fitness. Focussing on the fitness of your SEO content will probably get you that head start in the battle for the highest rankings. Assess your current content SEO fitness and check out 7 ways to improve the content SEO fitness of your site!
Pro-tip! The SEO workouts in Our Service will help you get your site into shape in no time! These easy workflows take you through a small part of SEO on your site and highlight your optimization opportunities. Easy does it!

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