I’m lovin’ it. Have it your way. A diamond is forever…

These are just some of the many clever one-liners companies have used to keep customers coming back time after time. A good one-liner rings in the ear of those who hear and say it. A bad one-liner is forgotten almost instantly. You have probably even seen a few this week that havent stuck. How unfortunate is that for those brands pitching their ads with a missed message? 

Your message should be clear and concise, if it isn’t already (do that now). It may be a sentence as your business might be more complex than most. Bring that sentence down. Your message is your mission defined simply. The more simple, the better.

How to make a one-liner. 

A one-liner should have no less than 3 words, and no more than 10. 

Some companies have successfully pulled off 2 word one-liners, (but these are the unicorns).

And scarce do companies with more than 10 word one-liners see any benefit from it at all. 

Your one-liner should contain some, if not all of the following:

1. Keywords (regarding your focus)

2. Rhymes (either subtle or direct)

3. Humour (puns; unless it’s a serious business)

4. Jingle (a ring, or flow from the tongue)

5. Customer focus (words like: You, Why)

After jotting down a few words, and then piecing them together like a poet a couple times, you should have a few different examples. Then, always ask your friends, or family, or future customers (if possible) which slogan/one-liner they enjoy the best. 

Once you have a good idea of what your future audience likes, then, you can decide if that’s the one!


~Mackenzie Andres.

The Block Bard


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