Copywriters: How To Charge 4X More

Drum roll

The day has come when I will reveal how exactly you can charge 4X more for your services…

All WITHOUT facing any resistance from your prospects.

If you remember my last email, I told you that people pay more for two things:

  1. Speed
  2. Comfort

If you find a way to make them thin in 5 hours without them having to do any exercise or diets…

You can charge 4X more!

So, how do you increase your delivery speed all while making your clients comfortable?

By developing repeatable and reusable frameworks.

Every prospect is at a different point in his/her journey.

Let us take the example of freelancing.

Some people don’t know shit about freelancing.

Some freelancers have a skill but they don’t know how to get clients.

Some freelancers are getting clients but they wanna build an agency so they can earn more.

Some agency owners are stuck at 30 clients and they wanna scale it to 300 clients.

Every one of them is at a different point in their journey… and they need to be dealt with differently.

So, first, you need to map out your client’s journey.

Next, you need to make some reusable tools and frameworks for each of these stages of your client’s journey.

If you are a copywriter, keep some of the old swipe files that gave you a really good response…

And when you get a new client, model the copy using that template and deliver it.

When you sign a new client, try as hard as you can to deliver the results FAST!

Once you take them to the next part of their journey, they’ll be happy to hire you for other projects and services, or even just straight up pay you more.

Not to mention… give you testimonials and refer you to their friends.

And that’s how you can charge 4X more for your services.

By delivering results FAST! And making it effortless for the client.

That’s it for now. I’m off to make sure our 5 new Black Friday Freelancer Extraordinaires got into the members area ok.

Cya in the next one!

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