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A writer walks into a bar. He starts speaking to another writer and announces proudly: “I’m writing a novel” The other man responds: “Neither am I”… … it’s an old joke authors tell each other. Because procrastination and ambition is so rife within the community that when someone says they’re working on something… they’re probablyContinue reading “visit our blog”

facebook ads masterclass

A product. A Facebook account. And an internet connection. That’s all you need to consistently and reliably 3x your business. 💯 Sounds impossible? In our newest ________ Masterclass, we’ve brought in world-renowned Facebook Ads expert___________. He started working for Apple, and now has spent over $80,000,000 across 150+ brands in 15+ industries… Now, he’s takenContinue reading “facebook ads masterclass”

How Robots Create More Jobs Than They Kill

All too often we see people saying that machine is taking peoples jobs. From assembly line automatons yesterday, to self-checkout systems today.

Examples in history are not hard to find if we take a closer look. The industrial age had them. The digital age has them. Heck, even the stone age had them when people began using tools to kill ever larger animals for food, while the people who didn’t adapt themselves to the new technology were still stuck snacking on small sized rodents.

But, you bet your bottom that someone likely said in caveman speak ‘what is Rodi the rodent catcher going to do, now that we eat Mammoth all day!’

Over the eons automation has always served for the most part our best interest.

A 10 Step Strategy for Success in 54 Pages or Less

After reading the world’s most renowned and best-selling self-help books, I’ve taken the most important and stand-out principles and formulated them in a 54 page Simple but Effective Strategy for Success. Why would I do this? It’s no doubt a team like Dale Carnegie and Napoleon Hill could explain these principles far better than youContinue reading “A 10 Step Strategy for Success in 54 Pages or Less”

Building A Face for Your Brand

Elon Musk, C.E.O. of SpaceX and Tesla (two of America’s highest valued companies, one of which is privately held), is neither a rocket scientist, a computer engineer, or a business scholar… He is all three! That’s right, the for one week richest man in the world (January 2021) entered Queen’s University in Kingston, Ontario, asContinue reading “Building A Face for Your Brand”