How To Kill Your Customers’ Objections With Your Copy

The best copywriters in Calgary will tell you one of the surest ways to make sure your copywriting converts is to kill upfront and centre any potential objections your ideal customers might have right there in the copy. Start this ad optimizing exercise by taking the top three counters or objections one might have regardingContinue reading “How To Kill Your Customers’ Objections With Your Copy”

Why I Left Politics To Write

Realizing after months of arduous door-to-door campaigning and fake smile training that what politicians of western democracies were actually practicing wasn’t the political science taught in elite universities, but rather a modern machiavellian spin on societal issues.

To become a bureaucrat I had to start a business. To become a leader I had to hire a team. To persuade people to take action with, and from my words, I had to become a copywriter. Now I miss the mountains, a garage, and working with my hands…

But nonetheless find fun in my work, and otherwise wouldn’t be doing it!

3 Simple Steps To Becoming A Better YOU

The best copywriters in Calgary will agree that this pandemic has proven its ability, or rather the governments, to shut down home and family based businesses quicker than a King’s Court Stalin in the state of Kentucky! Now, why open with this? Because one of the reasons larger corporations aren’t hit as hard (or inContinue reading “3 Simple Steps To Becoming A Better YOU”

Building A Taste For The Finer Things. Why & How

This isn’t a blog about buying that Ferrari you probably can’t afford with the bank’s money who wishes you would, and has even gifted you with the perfectly legal yet morally questionable means of doing so. This is a blog about QUALITY, about 5-star hotels, Michelin star restaurants, family-farms, and friendly barbers, local pubs, and private jets…

Like most blogs, let us start with a quick history lesson; The Romans were often granted the title of one of the most civilized nations in the days of old. Partly because they dubbed every non-Roman person a barbarian… Partly because they had the most structured society, and as a society is merely in the bigger picture but a system, thus functioned the most efficiently…

Why You Need to Stop Working for Money Today!

Rid yourself of any thinking that you are working for money. You are working to serve. And you serve because you enjoy it. And people come to your service because they enjoy that you enjoy it. And they give you money, then tell their friends. Who line up with more money. And that’s how people get rich.

How Robots Create More Jobs Than They Kill

All too often we see people saying that machine is taking peoples jobs. From assembly line automatons yesterday, to self-checkout systems today.

Examples in history are not hard to find if we take a closer look. The industrial age had them. The digital age has them. Heck, even the stone age had them when people began using tools to kill ever larger animals for food, while the people who didn’t adapt themselves to the new technology were still stuck snacking on small sized rodents.

But, you bet your bottom that someone likely said in caveman speak ‘what is Rodi the rodent catcher going to do, now that we eat Mammoth all day!’

Over the eons automation has always served for the most part our best interest.

A 10 Step Strategy for Success in 54 Pages or Less

Best Copywriters in Calgary Strategy for Success is Andres’ first solo published works. After reading the world’s most renowned and best-selling self-help books. He’s taken the most-important and stand-out principles, and formulated them into a 54 page Simple but Effective Strategy for Success. Why would he do this? It’s no doubt a team like DaleContinue reading “A 10 Step Strategy for Success in 54 Pages or Less”

Building A Face for Your Brand

The best copywriters in Calgary learn from greats like Elon Musk to find ways to grow their own creativity. Here are a few ways you can learn too! Elon Musk, C.E.O. of SpaceX and Tesla (two of America’s highest valued companies. One of which is privately held), is neither a rocket scientist, a computer engineer,Continue reading “Building A Face for Your Brand”

Why Statistics are So-Often Bullsh$!

Here is a perfect set of statistics, that when read, appear just as they did when they were first recorded. So why is it misleading according to the best copywriters in Calgary? Did the statisticians lie? Well, no, but in this case, because I chose such a simple scenario that everyone from all walks ofContinue reading “Why Statistics are So-Often Bullsh$!”

Email Marketing isn’t DEAD! It’s more ALIVE than ever. Here’s Why.

Most e-commerce stores and service-based-businesses, including the best copywriters in Calgary… know all-too-well that the majority of their sales comes from email marketing to already existing customers and buyers. This is no less true for the big giants like Amazon and Alibaba. Let me repeat that: majority of their sales comes from email marketing toContinue reading “Email Marketing isn’t DEAD! It’s more ALIVE than ever. Here’s Why.”